How to do physical activity while having fun

How to do physical activity while having fun

How many times do we excuse ourselves for not practicing physical activity? Sometimes we say that it is due to lack of time, other times because we do not have money, sometimes because of the weather conditions and even because we have come up with a better plan. All of these are excuses that end up making our life a sedentary life which leads to weight gain.

While it is true that food is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is also essential to complement it with physical activity. While food represents 70% of this, physical activity takes the other 30% and believe me that the objectives will be achieved much faster if you combine both.

So here I bring you 5 activities with which to practice physical activity in a fun and enjoyable way, having a good time with friends.

1. DANCE. Go to salsa classes, with your partner to learn ballroom dancing, with a friend to hip hop or one night to have a good time, dancing is an ideal way to practice physical activity where you work with your whole body and expend a lot of calories!

2. SKATE. Spending the afternoon on the promenade of the nearest coastal town with skates on your feet or spending a day to ice skating is great fun and a good way to burn off calories, of course you have to watch out for the blows, hehe.

3. RUN. Look for routes, investigate, see new places, get lost in the mountains … running can be a lot of fun if you know how to approach it. An idea: time yourself the first day and try to overcome it every day, you will see how you progress in a few weeks. Then you can propose to do a course and improve your brand the following year.

4. KARATE. Go ahead and try something different and jump into karate. You will see how exhausting learning good keys!

5. PADEL. It is the sport of fashion and it is super fun. Find yourself a playmate and challenge them. You will run, hit the ball, jump … but the best thing is that you will have a great time!

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