How to beat the temptation of Christmas candy

How to beat the temptation of Christmas candy

They are here, one more year, the Christmas holidays. And it is that although the festivities begin on December 24, Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve, for the food industry it is Christmas from the beginning of November.

For weeks now, all the supermarkets have been flooded with nougats, cookies, chocolates, chocolates, marzipans and of course they cannot be absent, the polvorones. We are hindered by those long and huge aisles full of Christmas sweets to make our purchase and it is that if or if you are going to stumble upon them because that is how it is intended and that is why it is thus placed.

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You must be very clear that you do not want to buy in order not to do so, so here I bring you the first tips to successfully face the holidays:

  1. Go shopping with a full stomach, this way the sweets will not attract your attention and they will go unnoticed.
  2. If you are to buy this type of food, do it days before the celebration, you will avoid having sweets at home to go to in a moment of downturn that you could replace because there are still weeks for the event.
  3. In the desserts choose fruit and if necessary take 2 pieces.
  4. During the desktop you can follow one of these tricks:
    1. Opt for an infusion or you, you will be consuming something and you will keep yourself entertained.
    2. Get up and sit on the couch. This way you will not have the sweets in front of your eyes.
    3. Take a toothbrush and toothpaste and brush your teeth. By not having the taste of food, you will not be tempted to eat or snack more.
  1. Suggest sharing the sweets with your family members. Buy the sweets together and take them to the different places of celebration.
  2. When the day is over, give away the leftover sweets.

These are the first tips to spend a good Christmas without adding kilos to our body.

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