License: the dog breeds for which it is required in Milan

License: the dog breeds for which it is required in Milan

According to the new regulation for the welfare and protection of animals of the Municipality of Milan, the owners of certain dog breeds must obtain a specific license. The “Special dog license” is mandatory for anyone who adopts a dog belonging to one of the 27 breeds listed: let’s see what they are.


What is the dog license of the Municipality of Milan

According to the new regulation for the welfare and protection of animals of the Municipality of Milan , the owners or handlers of some dog breeds are required to obtain the Special Dog License .

The regulation, which came into force last February, provides that anyone wishing to adopt a dog included in the list must acquire a license before adoption.

Exceptions are the adoptions and fostering of dogs hosted at the Canile Park of the Municipality of Milan, for which the license can be obtained within and no later than six months.

On the other hand, those who, at the date of approval of the regulation, were already living with a dog included in the list of special breeds, has 24 months from the entry into force of the new legislation to comply , therefore until February 2022.

The license is issued by the Health Protection Agency ( ATS ) to owners of dogs belonging to 27 breeds considered special , after having attended a three-day course.

For offenders, penalties ranging from 150 to 500 euros are envisaged in addition to the obligation to wear a muzzle for the dog until the license is obtained.

For which breeds you need the license in Milan

Below is the list of dog breeds for which it is necessary to obtain the ” special dog license “:

American bulldog;
Charplanina Shepherd Dog;
Anatolian Sheepdog;
Central Asian Sheepdog;
Caucasian Shepherd Dog;
Abruzzo Maremma Sheepdog;
Dog from Serra da Estreilla;
Dogo Argentino;
Row braziliero;
Perro da canapo majoero;
Perro from canary grip;
Mallorquin grip perro;
Pit bull, Pitt bull mastiff and Pitt bull terrier;
Rafeiro do alentejo;
Rhodesian ridgeback;
Tosa inu;
American staffordshire terriers,
Bandogs and large Molossers not registered in the ENCI-FCI herd books;
Bull terrier,
Cane corso,
wolfdog, Saarloos wolfdog;
Italian wolfdog.

The obligation also applies to all crosses resulting from the breeds included in the list.

Sources: Municipality of Milan ; Oipa.

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