Itching and natural remedies

Itching and natural remedies

The itch, the intense one, which seems to invade the body must be investigated by a doctor, because it could be the mainfestation of a much more serious pathology. At our disposal we have many natural remedies to stem the phenomenon and help us rebalance our state of well-being.

Itching and natural remedies

The different types of itching

There are particularly violent forms of itching , which must be investigated in depth. They often appear after a shower or when going to sleep.

The itch starts from one point and then spreads to an increasingly wider area with skin rashes stressed by the rubbing that we inevitably activate to seek relief.

Often in these cases it is our organism that is transmitting information of discomfort and internal imbalance to us.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine , the skin is the target “organ” of the Wood movement, the liver and the gallbladder, and some disorders related to itching can depend on a liver problem .

Sometimes those suffering from gallbladder stones complain of itching peaks and skin rashes, after meals in the digestive phase.

Itching and digestion

In general , the Wood Movement if in imbalance manifests allergic phenomena that can show themselves on the skin , our border organ between the external and internal world and rash itching is a recurring feature.

In this case, responding mechanically to the itch can cause damage to the epidermis, so it is good to pay close attention and control to the desire to scratch the part with energy.

Even the Metal Movement , guided by the Large Intestine and Lungs, can manifest its imbalances on the skin, because it performs its functions in synergy with the Wood Movement.

Liver and intestine in particular are linked by a bidirectional functionality that influences each other.

In any case , it is always recommended to contact the doctor who will be able to direct us to the reference specialist or to several specialists, to prepare the correct treatment path.

We can resort to some natural remedies that purify the body and restore the right balance to alleviate the itch, especially if it is exanthematic.

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Natural remedies for itching

Purifying the intestine is always recommended during seasonal changes , after cycles of pharmacological treatments, after a period in which the diet has not been particularly careful and taken care of, perhaps for a holiday.

Prebiotics and Probiotics : taking inulin or fructo-oligosaccharides and probiotics such as lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, bacilli coagulans in seasonal changes, or during a treatment based on antibiotics or cortisone helps to strengthen the immune system and protect the intestine from bacterial attacks. This prevents any skin rashes, often a symptom of intestinal discomfort.

Frangula : we can introduce the frangula as a remedy in case of intestinal constipation. Helps transit , softens stools in a gentle way without excess. To be preferred to senna in case of inflammation, cramps, colitis.

It is also important to purify the hepatic system : the liver, an excretory organ of primary importance, if well functioning, also guarantees a well oxygenated epidermis and purified tissues.

Artichoke: detoxification of the liver once the intestine is rebalanced is essential to help the skin. Rich in caffeic acid, such as cynarin and flavonoids, the artichoke helps the choleretic and cholagogue activity , therefore stimulates the secretion of bile and the emulsion of fats by the gallbladder, protects the liver from oxidative processes, allowing cell regeneration .

It also contains inulin and fibers that stimulate intestinal physiological activity.

Milk thistle : rich in silymarin , it carries out a protective action on the liver from damage caused by alcohol, drugs, pesticide poisons, by the action of free radicals. Milk thistle helps the liver to purify itself and in case of serious pathologies such as cirrhosis, it improves the cellular condition and controls the transaminase values.

It is also necessary to act directly on the skin to calm itching and burning and bring a soothing effect.

Rice starch : even on a topical level we can intervene to reduce itching, refresh the skin, soothe heartburn and rashes . Rice starch dissolved in bath water is a panacea because it has a decongestant action , dampens irritation, inflammation of the tissues and attacks of itching.

It is also possible to create real compresses to be applied on specific parts to concentrate their action, soften the skin, regenerate it and soothe the itching.

Calendula : it is a remedy rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, salicylic acid, flavonoids, mucilage, tannins, carotenoids. Calendula is a soothing, it helps reduce itching and redness. An excellent solution to apply on the skin in the form of ointment, and to drink in the form of an infusion. For internal use, calendula also protects the internal mucosa of the stomach.

It carries out bactericidal activity in case of streptococci, candida, staphylococcus.

Itching can also be caused by allergies , to what we eat or just breathe. Also in these cases it is good to intervene from the inside to quell the histamine peaks.

Ribes Nigrum : black currant has a cortisone -like action and in case of allergies it is a remedy to be considered as a natural antihistamine. Therefore, it sedates the effects that allergenic elements cause to our body, including itching. We find it in bud extract to allow a higher dosage as needed.

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