Siberian cat, characteristics

Siberian cat, characteristics

Among the cat breeds considered hypoallergenic there is the Siberian cat, a domestic feline with a strong muscle mass that grows fond of the family of reference for life.

Siberian cat

  • Siberian cat, characteristics
  • Origins of the Siberian Cat
  • Morphology of the Siberian Cat
  • Psychology of the Siberian Cat
  • Care of the Siberian Cat



Siberian cat, characteristics

The Siberian cat is an affectionate big cat, resulting from the selection of the domestic cat and the wild cat of the woods. It is among the cats recommended for allergy sufferers , since despite the long hair, it produces a very low amount of the allergen that causes intolerance to cats in sensitive subjects.


Origins of the Siberian Cat

The name itself says, this breed is native to Siberia , where it would have adapted to the harsh climate of the taiga, developing an important muscle mass , a coat with thick hair and resistant long-haired legs. Only in recent times, in the 90s, the Siberians left their native country and imported to Europe and the United States and have been recognized by the relevant bodies.


Morphology of the Siberian Cat

Siberian cats are large in size, can reach 9 kg in weight and consolidate their growth over a period of 5 years. It is equipped with a semi-long coat with thick fur to protect itself from the cold, with water-repellent properties. 


The particular characteristic of the Siberian cat is that it is one of those so- called hypoallergenic breeds , because it secretes a low quantity of the Fel D1 protein, the trigger of the so-called allergies to cats. The colors allowed by the standard are really many, ranging from  brindle red  to black . There are also silver and smoke varieties. 


The head is proportionate to the rest of the body, well structured and compact, the eyes are large, oval of various colors, the powerful and muscular body supported by well-rounded legs, the hind legs longer than the front ones.


Psychology of the Siberian Cat

The peculiar characteristic of the Siberian is the total dedication to his adopted family . He shows great affection and fidelity. Due to its docility qualities it is suitable for pet therapy and in any case it becomes an integral part of domestic life. It is particularly suitable for interacting with children, playful, curious, and meek. 


It is also a welcoming cat with strangers and other animals in the house or neighborhood. The marked intelligence is one of his characteristics and the interaction with his family through the meow that sometimes takes the form of a real affectionate dialogue.


Care of the Siberian Cat

The Siberian is a very hardy cat , with a rather long life expectancy of up to 15 years. Although rarely it can be subject to diseases of the heart system such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 


Pay attention to the diet that must be balanced as this cat can tend to be overweight if too sly and homely. Regular grooming is recommended, considering the long and dense hair, in order to avoid knots and copious loss of hair during the moulting period and the care of the nails and excessive growth.

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