Dog breed Whippet, the characteristics

Dog breed Whippet, the characteristics

A very fast and very strong dog, the Whippet is a recent selection and has characteristics that allow it to live happily with children in the house, while requiring ample space for movement.

Whippet dog breed

  • Whippet dog, characteristics
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Whippet dog, characteristics

The Whippet is a medium sized greyhound. It takes up little space, is very resistant, runs fast, can manage to run at 60 km per hour, is sweet and affectionate, loves the attention of its owner and adapts easily to household habits. 


The name derives from Whip , whip, to indicate its suddenness and is considered the fastest dog in the world.


Origins of the Whippet

This little greyhound is recently selected . It has Anglo-Saxon origins and has been identified for hare hunting in the English countryside of the 19th century, by a group of miners from northern England. There is no certain information but it seems that the Whippet is the result of crosses between the little Italian greyhound and various types of terrier and probably also the English greyhound, the Greyhound.


Since they are very agile and slender, over time they have also been trained as racing dogs , for betting competitions or pure fun, thus gradually losing their connotation as hunting specimens.


Whippet morphology

They are very light , sinuous, agile and resistant dogs . The strength of the Whippet lies in its cardio-circulatory and respiratory system, structured for speed and work, so much so that it can perform out of the ordinary: the percentage of heart mass of the Whippet is greater than the weight of the body . Even the density of red blood cells in the blood is higher than that of other dogs.


These dogs have little fat mass , the coat is short and can weigh between 18 and 21 kg. The standard height at the withers varies from 47 to 51 cm. They are characterized by a very broad chest and a broad back.


The head is long and thin, the ears are small and the eyes oval, the tail is long and curved. The color of the coat can vary: two-tone with white lines, all black, gray tending to blue, sand color.


Whippet Psychology

Whippets are extremely sweet, docile, and intelligent dogs . They show their affection with all members of the family, children and other pets included. It is a very balanced breed , despite its athletic performance it is a calm dog, which responds to command and does not go wild. However, it needs moments of leisure and free spaces to discharge its energies., Ideal for those who love outdoor sports. 


It does not possess aggression and not even distrust of strangers:
therefore it cannot be used as a defense dog. He is endowed with a predatory instinct and great curiosity, therefore he needs to be properly trained to channel these attitudes.


Whippet care

As already mentioned, the Whippet is the result of a well cared for selection that ensures a healthy and strong dog. It is a dog that resists hot temperatures very well , but suffers a lot from the cold, both for its low fat mass and for its extremely short coat. In winter it is therefore recommended to protect them with a coat for outdoor excursions, in harsh climates.


Careful nutrition is recommended and divided into several appointments a day, to provide the correct energy supply without weighing down your stomach. Grooming must be delicate, both in the brushing phase and in the application of detergents that respect very delicate hair and skin. 

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