What if we ate well

What if we ate well?

Benefits of eating healthy

What if we ate well? There is often talk and we talk about how harmful it is to eat junk food, not practice physical activity, have bad eating habits, smoke … but today I am going to turn the tables and I am going to explain to you the benefits of eating healthy and balanced, practicing constant physical activity and not smoking, ultimately leading a healthy life.

I also want to record something that we are not normally aware of, and that is that even if you think that you are well, that you are in good shape, in good physical condition, you can feel better, feel better and improve your resistance, so do not think that this does not go with you because surely you can be better, we can always improve.

Benefits of healthy lifestyle habits in the short and long term:

  • Proper intestinal function: your intestines work correctly which means that your intestinal transit will be regular, you will go to the bathroom every day and with ease. If you take a food supplement to help you go to the bathroom, you will no longer have to do it because you will no longer need it.
  • Stabilized nervous system: when we accustom the body to sugary and superfluous food, our brain becomes dependent on sugar, which is why we often crave sweet things. If our diet is healthy and balanced, simple sugar is scarce and therefore we do not suffer from this disorder.
  • Hair, healthy skin and nails: our hair does not fall so much, it is shiny and strong, the skin does not dry out, crack or itch and the nails grow natural, without splitting or breaking in layers.
  • You maintain a stable healthy weight and your metabolism is regulated. By doing all the intakes of the day well, glucose levels remain stable throughout the day and we do not have insulin spikes that destabilize the metabolism. In addition, by having stable schedules, the metabolism is also better regulated.
  • It reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases: by consuming less fat and salt, the heart is not surrounded by so much fat and it does not make as much effort to beat. Also the tension is normal and there is not as much pressure to pump the blood. The arteries are not clogged by cholesterol and blood flows easily.
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes. Blood glucose levels remain stable and therefore insulin levels. By not consuming simple sugars there are no rapid insulin spikes.
  • You maintain oral health and avoid cavities: not consuming simple sugars keeps your mouth healthy. If necessary, brush your teeth daily.
  • After a year the risk of gastritis and gastric ulcers is reduced, your skin color and your hormonal status improve.
  • You feel lighter, energetic, lively and happy. Your body is at its ideal weight, it has adequate energy to get through the day and your mood is dependent on your diet, you will feel happier.

Don’t be incredulous, start the change today!

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