Santiago, A story of overcoming

Santiago, A story of overcoming

Today we want to introduce you to Santiago Martín, a fast customer who, after an unfortunate traffic accident, has suffered an amputation of his lower limb at the level of the proximal third of the tibia.

IMG_SANTI FASTSantiago, who had been training with us for more than a year, is currently carrying out his rehabilitation process and adaptation to daily life entirely free of charge at our fast center in Santa María de la Cabeza-Madrid.


We are delighted to be part of Santiago’s recovery and to be able to help him overcome a difficult situation.


As we have always maintained, our commitment to the health of fast fans is once again evident thanks to the professionals who take care of Santiago and who advise him to continue training with us.

In Sntiago’s own words: “fast has marked a lifestyle for me, and I want her to continue being part of it. I feel good training with the great coaches at the center; they are like my second doctors “

If you want to tell us your story, like that of Santiago, we invite you to write to our email , indicating in the subject the title “History of a fast customer” We encourage you to participate, some prizes await you surprise.

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