Coach Interviews: Sara

Coach Interviews: Sara

You already know how powerful your workouts with Sara will be if you listen to her speak for a few seconds. A coach 10 who will bring out all her knowledge in each training session. With it you will feel safe, you will see the results and you will not lack for anything.

Sara Prieto

Tell us who is Sara Prieto.

I am a double graduate in Physiotherapy and Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports. I studied at the European University. I finished my degree two years ago, just when I started working at FAST. I have been very athletic all my life, I have played a lot of tennis, it is my favorite sport. I have just started a Master in Osteopathy to continue training.

How was your first contact with EMS Integral?

The first time I tried it was with another FAST trainer, Sonia DiNuzzo. She was the one who got me into the field of electrostimulation. I went to try it at the FAST in Boadilla and the truth is that I really liked it.

What went through your head when you met EMS Integral Activa being a double graduate and already knowing EMS deeply?

I thought it was a very good tool for personal training, and that it could also fit perfectly into rehabilitation and rehabilitation programs for many pathologies that cannot be treated with other types of therapies.

What makes you identify with FAST?

What I like most about FAST is that it uses qualified professionals who have the knowledge to “know how” and to handle all the parameters of electrostimulation. Another thing that I like is that personal training is individual, that it does not unite two teams with a single coach or two people on the same team, which although it sounds strange, complex and dangerous, other companies are doing it.

Do you also train with EMS?

Every week I try to train once, except the weeks when the occupation of the center is quite high and I cannot get that time.

Besides EMS, what else do you do for physical exercise?

On the weekends I make time to play tennis. I usually teach tennis and also try to take an hour or two to be able to play.

Sometimes FAST trainers have to contraindicate the tool, for example in autoimmune diseases. Tell us an anecdote about these situations.

A case came to FAST Pinar de Chamartín of a person with a prolapse of an organ to whom we had to indicate that he could not train with us, despite the fact that he had been training with electrostimulation for some time at another company. This person even got angry, even though the reason for not training her was for her sake and safety.

Tell us about any success stories you have had.

A client who came to train two days a week. He was from July 2014 to July 2015 training with us. She alternates it with “running” another two days a week and initially incorporated a healthy diet. He lost between 15 and 20 kg., But especially in what was most noticeable was in the volume … it was amazing! He would send me a photo from time to time of the perimeter of the shoulders and hips and it was impressive. The pity is that due to personal problems he could not continue.

What would you say to someone who is undecided about whether to start training on FAST?

Well, it would depend mainly on the objective that it had, because we have a great variety of programs that will depend on this. It depends on the type of training you want to seek, if you are a person who comes to do high performance or if you are a person who has an aesthetic goal. Because FAST is individualization.

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