On several occasions in this blog we have reminded you of the importance of some issues for a safe practice in electrostimulation training. As we say in FAST , “it is not the technology, it is how it is used”. Therein lies a high percentage of the success and safety of a training, and more in one in which we use a tool with a high degree of complexity.

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Several articles have highlighted the added value of FAST trainers , qualified professionals for the performance of personal training. But what requirements should a personal trainer have?

The first is a qualification that assures you that you will meet your objectives while safeguarding your safety. And what is that qualification? It is the one that requires:

  • Advanced knowledge in a field of work that needs a critical understanding of theories and principles, because the state of the trainees is not always the same, and in few cases they are completely healthy people. The coach needs to know about physical exercise, but also about health. In addition, electrostimulation and the parameters that must be controlled make training sessions require much more specific and advanced knowledge.
  • Solve complex and unpredictable problems in a specialized field of work. The coaches plan and schedule the sessions, but the conditions in which the trainee finds himself, as well as the responses to the training, can lead to complex situations that were in no case foreseeable.

Well, according to the European Qualifications Framework, these knowledge and skills correspond to a level 6, which is a University Graduate, that is, someone who has studied Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. This is based on European recommendations, which should be put into practice in the countries that make up the EU.

For this reason, and based on article 9 of Directive 2006/123 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of December 12, 2006, relating to services in the internal market, in the Spanish territory it is possible to regulate and order the professions of physical exercise and sports. This is because what physical exercise professionals put into practice on you can affect your safety and health. Just as physical exercise can be infinitely beneficial, it can also be harmful if aspects of it are ignored or unknown.

Imagine a person with high blood pressure, who takes beta-blockers, training with electrostimulation with an unqualified trainer who does not know or does not take into account that loads should be moderate. And if we add to this that it puts an electrostimulation program with high frequencies, it could have serious consequences since it increases the risk of suffering muscle damage. Now do you see the relationship between the professions of physical exercise and sports with safety and health?

Due to this European Directive, and in the face of the passivity of the State, the Autonomous Communities have begun to organize and regulate the sports professions, so if you are from Catalonia, Extremadura or La Rioja, there are already laws in force indicating which are the qualification requirements that a coach must meet. This process is also underway in the Basque Country, Andalusia and Madrid.

So, when you go to train with electrostimulation you must make sure that the trainer has the qualification that we have indicated above. In addition, since the qualification that qualifies for personal training does not include electrostimulation knowledge and skills in its study plans, you must make sure that the trainer has carried out complementary training in this regard. With FASTyou are sure that this is strictly true, since the trainers have undergone exhaustive training on electrostimulation before starting to work in any of our centers. Many of them have also continued training in this regard and increasing their knowledge about electrostimulation with other courses from the leading company in electrostimulation training, with which FAST collaborates.

Be very careful where you go to do physical exercise, and more if it is with a tool such as electrostimulation, because what is at stake is your health. Always go to a specialized center with qualified professionals who have civil liability insurance.

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