Coaches interviews: Paco

Coaches interviews: Paco

Paco is a proactive trainer, who loves to improve the health of everyone who comes to his center. He is always looking for ways to move forward to give the best to customers. Its keys are continuous training and a passion for sports and health.

For all those who don’t know you, tell us who Paco is.

I am a 29-year-old boy from a small town in Cáceres, Montanche, land of ham (laughs). I have a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports and I dedicate myself to training at FAST. I dedicate myself to training because it is one of the things that I have always liked the most during the race. The subject of personal training is something that motivates me a lot, especially because I love everything related to health, I love achieving the very specific and specific objectives that people have.

What has been your career in sport?

I have played futsal in semi-professional teams, since I was very little. I can no longer play for work reasons. I have always liked sports, of all kinds. Then I began to study Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and I realized that it was a job opportunity that I liked … So we are at it.

If you had to go back, would you go back to studying Physical Activity and Sports Sciences?

Yes, I would study it again, what happens is that I think I would do something else. I would not mind having obtained it, in addition, with Physiotherapy. What happens is that here in Cáceres there is no opportunity to do it at the same time. Even so, I have considered several times to study Physiotherapy apart, because I think it is very linked and complementary. Now I am doing various courses related to sports and health, sports and rehabilitation, etc.

What advantages do you think training with electrostimulation has?

The good thing about electrostimulation is that with a little time you can get very good results. It can be used in a complementary way or not. People who use it as their only training, because they don’t have time, also see goals. With perseverance and time, results are seen. I find electrostimulation very interesting because of the problem of time that many people have, since this is a barrier to practicing exercise. But also the benefits that are achieved are very, very good, since a great global job can be done. Especially in sedentary people the results are noticed very soon.

As a good FAST trainer, you also train with EMS Integral Activa, what are your favorite programs when you train yourself?

I train when I train myself, that’s the way it is (laughs). The programs that I usually use are the Tonic, and from time to time a Strength. I train with electrostimulation when I can, because the schedule is quite full and weekly maybe there are some holes. If the gap is at the beginning of the afternoon, then maybe I will train. If you can’t, then every two weeks, because of the weather.

What is your specialty in training?

I wouldn’t say a specialty as such. Most people come down to turn down the volume. This is why the training I specialize in is volume loss, because the demand requires it. But what I like the most is health. It fulfills me more when people who initially wanted to achieve goals to improve their physical appearance after several sessions, in addition to observing that the volume is reduced, for example in the legs, they tell me that their cervical pain has stopped , or lower back pain has been reduced with volume loss training alone. I like that better, and I tell them.

Tell us about your greatest achievement at the FAST center in Cáceres.

There was a month that I did 290 workouts. Brutal. But my achievement is not that, but to help this work, that FAST Cáceres works.

And, any curious anecdote that happened to you training at FAST Cáceres?

One day I started training and had not connected the vest to the machine. My head went off. I didn’t realize it, we started training and the girl didn’t tell me anything. It was thought that it had to be this way that day. Then I already connected it (laughs).

What would you say to those sedentary people who have not yet made up their minds to get going and exercise?

To everyone who enters the center I recommend that they try a month, because they experience tremendous improvement. Many people, with very little, especially sedentary people, notice results at a general level, both aesthetically and health-wise. If you do not do any exercise and spend at least 20 minutes, the change in your day to day is brutal

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