5 exercises to firm your neck

5 exercises to firm your neck

Making the mouth of fish helps to tone the orbicular muscles of your lips.

5 exercises to firm your neck

Take a few seconds and go over your muscles. Which do you think of? I can imagine the biceps, the pectorals, or maybe those of the buttocks? Yes!

Instinctively, we don’t think about the muscles of our jaw. Yet there are many! We look at it every day, in the morning in the mirror, and we forget it so easily! Although the double chin, he …

Source of complexity or pride in its angles, it can also bring its share of temporomandibular problems. And the neck is often intimately linked to the jaw, like a stem to its flower. Make way for facial gymnastics!

To keep your face in shape or avoid discomfort, here are 5 exercises for your jaw:


Objective: to avoid sagging neck

Raise your chin towards the ceiling and, at the same time, bring your jaw forward. You will feel small tensions under the chin. Your neck stretches and your front strap muscles relax while your sternocleidomastoid (side) muscle builds up. Hold the position for 5 seconds, and do this movement 10 times.


Objective: to give new lines to the oval shape of the chin

Move the ends of your mouth down and pout, as if feeling disgusted. Don’t be afraid to force the gesture. If you feel tension from chin to nose, you are fine! You activate small, fine muscles in the mouth and allow it to gain amplitude for a more relaxed smile.


Objective: fight against the effect of the sad mouth

Close your mouth, then smile as hard as you can! At the same time, bring your lips as close to your teeth as possible. You will then feel a tension at the end of the lips. This is the best exercise! A smile even creates an instant sensation of well-being! What better way to feel more fit and younger? Hold the position as intensely as possible, for 5 seconds. Do the exercise 10 times.


Objective: to create a beneficial effect on the muscles of the lower face and plump the lip

Close your jaw, and move your lower lip down. Your gesture is perfect if you can see the lower row of teeth well and if you perceive tension in the angles of the chin. Imagine a string pulling down each side of your mouth. Hold the position for 5 seconds, and do the exercise 10 times.


Objective: to tone the orbicularis muscles of the lips

Empty all the air inside into your mouth to create a hollow in the cheeks. Imagine the mouth of a fish, and contract the lips as much as possible. All is well if you feel a more or less uncomfortable tension all around the lips. Hold the position for 5 seconds, and do the exercise 10 times.

Here is! With these 5 facial gymnastics exercises to firm your jaw, say goodbye to a double chin!

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