5 daily actions to get back in shape

5 daily actions to get back in shape

Don’t have enough time to exercise? Get out of your routine a bit , add a few new daily actions to get back in shape .

5 daily actions to get back in shape

When it comes to getting back in shape , the excuse of choice is a lack of time. With the advent of computers and cellphones, we want results right away, and we feel the same trend with training. We want efficiency because we believe that we don’t have the time to take the time. So what can we do?


Start with one minute a day

You definitely have a free minute in your day, whether it’s waking up, at work or at home in the evening. Take your stopwatch, and let’s go for some physical exercise !

For example: squats , bench dips , incline push-up , jumping jack , front plank. So, you will calmly tone your body every day with these glutes and abdominal exercises.

Did you know that, according to Health Canada, healthy employees are on average 12% more productive than sedentary employees ? Think about it, taking a few minutes a day can not only improve your performance as an employee or employer, but also your health significantly.

You only have one, take care of it by starting to get back in shape today!


Take active breaks

Everyone has access to a timer, especially with the desktop computer, cell phone or smart watch band. We activate an alarm every hour, and voila. Program an alert every hour to exercise for one minute : a few steps or a stretch is enough!

According to research, a 10-minute break every hour improves fitness, which also helps maintain better health and prevent back pain .

  • We wake up,
  • we’re off,
  • we are going to drink water,
  • we go to the toilet,

All the reasons are good to take a break!

You don’t have time to get up? No problem, straighten up in your chair , then activate your legs under your desk . For example, do 15 reps of the knee extension and 15 reps of the heel lift.

These exercises will tone your legs and glutes and also improve your venous return, which can be a serious problem for people who spend their day sitting. You did not have time to do these exercises during your work day, do simple exercises while watching TV for example.


Stay up more often

According to Statistics Canada, adults spend an average of nearly 10 hours awake per day (excluding sleep period) in sedentary activities. So the body of the average Canadian is inactive about 5 hours a day .

We sit at the desk for work, we take a break to eat while going to sit in the cafeteria, then we sit in the car or in the subway after work, we sit down for supper, then we finish by watching 2 hours of TV, sitting on the couch. No wonder your legs are swollen in the evening or that you feel out of breath after climbing a staircase.

You have to stay up more often! Attend your meetings standing behind your chair. Leave your seat in the metro . Be proud to work your legs, because they are the ones that will support you into your old age. Staying upright even allows you to exercise your postural muscles ( abs and glutes!) Without realizing it. Isn’t that simple and fantastic?


Take a walk for lunch

A great way to make physical activity part of your daily routine is to take a walk during your lunch break at work.

Relax, go out, shop nearby on foot, explore the surroundings. No need to run or take a brisk walk. Put on your sports shoes and log off. Take some air. Breathe in and out.

Your performance at work will certainly improve. In addition to oxygenating yourself, you will increase your energy expenditure and sleep better at night .


Favor active transportation

To increase your daily calorie expenditure , nothing better than opting for active transportation. Walking, cycling, public transport, etc. All of these choices allow you to exercise on the way to work or when you go grocery shopping .

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you take public transportation, why not get off a station before yours and walk to your destination? In addition to stimulating your body and working your abdominal muscles, you will spend an additional ten minutes outside, which is very good for oxygenation of the brain and good mood .

Cycling is, of course, a great way to improve cardiovascular health and tone lower body muscles like the glutes. Even if the journey is short, remember that you are already doing more than before!

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