Zendaya leaves Venice (and half the world) with her mouth open and becomes a trending topic

Zendaya leaves Venice (and half the world) with her mouth open and becomes a trending topic

As the protagonist of Dune, Venice awaited Zendaya’s appearance on the Venice red carpet . What nobody expected is that the actress would become a trending topic in a matter of hours with a dress that will be the coolest thing you are going to see today.

Zendaya at the Venice Film Festival. Gtres Online
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The Dune team arrived in Venice to go through the red carpet but all eyes were on Zendaya and Chalamet, two of the film’s stars and also two of the young talents with the most international projection.

Zendaya in Venice.

It was expected that Zendaya would fulfill the expectations placed on her but not that she would become a trending topic in hours with a dress to which it is impossible to remain indifferent. It is a Balmain design in nude color with straps and an XL opening.

But what most attracted the attention of the design was its wet effect. And it seemed that the actress had just come out of a pool, since the dress had a wet effect on her skin.

To continue playing with this effect, the actress decided to give it more strength with her hairstyle, also with that wet effect . Shades marked in desert terracotta color and a spectacular Bulgari necklace completed a look that we know will be marked in the history of the Festival.

What we love about this look is the perfect blend of 1950s Hollywood glamor (the waves, the shape of the dress, the jewelry) and its references to the desert and her role in Dune. A success that manages to return to focus on the trends that emerge on the red carpet and that due to the pandemic had tended to blur.

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