You can’t stop time but you can age better, and we know how

You can’t stop time but you can age better, and we know how

What if I told you that to age better you would have to do the 16/8 diet ? Or what is the same, eat for 8 hours and fast for the remaining 16. This, added to a good quality of sleep, a Mediterranean diet and frequent exercise (not intense), can change your life. And I’m not saying it: a word from the scientist Ana María Cuervo , who co-directs the Einstein Institute for Research on Aging in New York.

Sleep more, intermittent fasting ... so you can age better.
Sleep more, intermittent fasting … so you can age better. Jonathan
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That the Valencian scientist Ana María Cuervo is one of the people who knows the best about aging , even Bill Gates himself knows it , who did not hesitate to send her a plane to tell her, in the first person, how to fight against degenerative diseases. Because we know that we will live longer, but what good is it if we don’t do it with quality of life? From his laboratory in New York, where he co-directs the Einstein Institute for Research on Aging, he has discovered that the key lies in cell cleansing, getting more sleep and fasting . If you want to know more, keep reading or listen to it live here, in our podcast Beauty is ours .


“It is a process that begins from the moment you are born, but you only worry about it when the” ailments “arrive, when you do not have independence and the loss of functions appears. In recent years life expectancy has increased, but life time not so much healthy. That is worth it. There are people who live to be 90 or 100 years old, but spend the last 20-30 years with diseases . This is what my team and I want to change. We do not want to extend life, but its quality in recent years”.


“He thinks that a cell is like a factory. Everything it produces must have a quality control, if something is damaged or badly done, it must be eliminated. Our goal is to see if we can recover that cleaning system to the same level as when we are young people “.


“What improves aging is caloric restriction, that is, taking 60 percent of the calories you eat every day for life. That forces your cell to have constant cleaning. But since it is not easy to apply it, the interest is in finding regimes that force the cleaning machinery a little, but with normal quality of life. For example, separating the time between meals but eating the same amount. But not everything is the food. We do not value it but the cells clean at night. partly because we are not eating. If we sleep less and less they do not clean themselves. “


“The advantages are many (improves metabolism, insulin / blood sugar levels, release of well – being hormones , psychological component, etc …). Moderate exercise requires more energy in many cells (not just muscle) , and that triggers cell cleansing. “

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