Start and finish standing to strengthen legs

Start and finish standing to strengthen legs

This week, Pati Galatas proposes us not to lose the verticality to recreate a routine that helps us to wake up the muscles of the legs .

Pati Galatas during the standing routine.
Pati Galatas during the standing routine. Eduardo Garrido
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  • Psychology. Scorpion, by Pati Galatas

To do in the morning or at any other time, the routine that Pati Galatas has prepared for us this week is a challenge to not lose verticality (during much of the class) as much as an effort to provoke the response in our muscles of the legs. With the help of some blocks to facilitate the exercises , our yogi teaches us various postures to give our lower body its full potential .

Yoga with Pati Galatas. Strong legs with standing postures Eduardo Garrido

With a footwork (front-back, left-right) and shifting the weight from the toes to the heel, we are going to notice how this vertical routine takes us to know the limits of our legs . Remember that loads should never force your well-being, protect your back by activating the glutes . The standing postures are very energetic so you will easily notice the weight that will help to empower your leg muscles. But you are the one who controls the exercise, so always keep your body in mind and heed its warnings.

Hip posture also plays an important role in vascularizing your body weight, which is the resistance you are going to work with. Prepare your mat and get ready to enjoy a new yoga routine in 10 minutes to stay in shape.

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