When you first arrive at your nearest FAST center to test the method, your trainer lends you an underwear suit. This suit has special features so that your Active Integral EMS session is as effective as possible.

In the following sessions it is important that you wear the FAST underwear, below we explain why:

The electrical resistance is the brake that opposes matter to the movement of electrons, when circulating through it. From a practical point of view, the skin exerts much more resistance, or is less tolerant, to the passage of low frequency current, than to the medium frequency current. On the other hand, there is impedance, which refers to the specific resistance within the body and which behaves differently for each tissue.It is because of this resistance that we use cotton suits with a certain thickness, since for the type of current we use, it allows the passage of current. Many people choose to bring their own kit, but the properties of this textile will offer a different resistance, and the thresholds will also be modified. In turn, cotton has insulating properties, so if we accidentally touch an area of ​​the underwear that is not wet, the current will not pass through us. Therefore, while offering low resistance when the textile is wet, it is safe and insulates.

In relation to the fixation of the electrode, it is defined that the electrodes must be in uniform and total contact with the area of ​​application; any point of approach site will concentrate the current on that point, increasing the intensity. For this reason, the garments must be tight, so that the fixation of the electrode is homogeneous. When we wear wide t-shirts or pants, when putting on the biosuit, wrinkles are made that, in many cases, fall just below the electrode, reducing the effectiveness of electrostimulation.

And why is the suit getting wet?

The hydration of the biosuit is completely necessary for electrical conductivity, water is a conductor. In analytical electrostimulation, the most common thing is that the electrodes are fixed with their own gel, or by previously putting a specific conductive gel on the skin. The more we wet the suit, the more electrical conductivity we will have.

Are there more factors that affect resistance, impedence, and ultimately conductivity?

Of course, your own hydration, since the levels of total body water modify the impedence. Adequate hydration will give you a better use of the session. On the other hand, your fat offers resistance to the passage of current, so as your percentage of fat decreases, the intensity will be lower to achieve, for example, tetanic contractions with medium-high frequencies.

Can I wear other clothes under my underwear?

You could wear cotton underwear. But remember that adding layers increases the resistance to the passage of current, so the coach may have to raise the intensity a lot so that you notice it, for example in the buttocks, and sometimes even the maximum intensity is not reached. notice by the thickness of the textile of the underwear. In the case of bras, many women do not feel electrostimulation in the chest due to the resistance offered by the garment, however when taking it off they may have excessive sensitivity. Therefore, in this aspect it is better that you try and, together with the trainer, look for the best option so that the muscle stimulation in the buttocks and the pectoral (the latter in the case of women) is as effective as possible.

For training it is essential that you wear the most appropriate clothing. Equip yourself well for your FAST sessions to.

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