After the success achieved in Chile, with new openings during the course of 2015, fast begins its trajectory in Colombia

fast announces its arrival in Colombia next December with its first establishment located in the city of Cali.

With this great news the firm created in 2013 in Spain, reaches its second country in Latin America where previous experience , does nothing more than provide a great success in the medium to long term and expanding fast but solid in a country that Due to macro-economic conditions, it is in potential growth.

The first steps of the landing in Colombia will be to create the first reference study, with the capacity to host the subsequent training sessions that will allow the development of the brand in the country.

Let us remember that the main reference value of the brand is its orientation to health care and the substantial improvement of the quality of life, with which the special relevance of a qualified and highly trained staff in all our centers. It is this way of understanding our business that has made us the leading brand in Spain, and what we want to reproduce in other countries such as Colombia.

The franchise hopes to be able to get new openings in the first semester of next 2016, given the number of requests for commercial information that arrive daily at the fast parent company

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