Tribute to Ridley Scott at the Venice Film Festival: These are his five must-see films

Tribute to Ridley Scott at the Venice Film Festival: These are his five must-see films

Director extraordinaire Ridley Scott receives the 2021 Cartier Glory to the Filmmaker award at the Venice Film Festival and premieres his new film, The Last Duel . Ben Affleck , protagonist and screenwriter of the film along with his friend Matt Damon, is already in Venice with Jennifer Lopez to attend the premiere.

Brad Pitt in Thelma & amp;  Louise
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British director Ridley Scott is one of the greatest of the last 50 years, creator of films that have become icons of cinema. In addition to premiering (out of competition) at the Venice Film Festival his epic film about medieval knights, The Last Duel , which in addition to starring is written by friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

The filmmaker, very active at 83, also has The Gucci House , a crime drama about the 1995 murder of Maurizio Gucci , awaiting release , which we will see in November. These are his fundamental films that you should not miss (if you have not seen them yet).


Sigourney Weaver in Alien, the Eighth Passenger

Ridley Scott’s fascinating immersion in science fiction, released in 1979, that revolutionized the genre and has inspired all subsequent films about space. In addition, it is the first starring role of the fantastic Sigourney Weaver, who fell in love with half the world.

In 2002, the Nostromo spacecraft sailed through space in search of intelligent life. When they land to investigate an abandoned ship on a planet, a strange animal appears and the seven crew members have to fight to survive the terror. Masterpiece.


Harrison Ford in Blade Runner

In its day (it premiered in 1982) it was a resounding commercial failure. In addition, the problems of understanding in the filming between Ridley Scott and a Harrison Ford who had recently left his job as a carpenter to star in Star Wars transcended . But over time, this film based on a science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick, became a myth.

The action places us in the city of Los Angeles in 2019. Cars are flying but newspapers are still paper. A former police officer who is an expert in finding “replicants” (robots created in the image of humans) is on a mission to stop the machines from wiping out humanity.


Harvey Keitel in The Duelists

It is Scott’s spectacular film debut, in 1977, after a few years on television. A period film, based on a story by Joseph Conrad, with two exceptional protagonists: Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine.

During the Napoleonic wars, Armand is a hussar who is forced to fight a duel with a fellow officer of his for an absurd affront. But far from being resolved, the enmity between these two men worsens causing new duels throughout their lives.


Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Ridley Scott swept the Oscar 2001, resurrecting overhand the peplum genre that had its heyday in the 60s with Espartaco of Stanley Kubrick. It is one of the best roles of a beginning Joaquin Phoenix , and certainly the one that made him famous, as an enemy of Russell Crowe.

It takes us to the time of 180 AD, with the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Crowe plays a general trusted by the emperor, who is ordered killed by the heir to the throne, Commodus, to seize all power.


Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis in Thelma & Louise

It was one of the great films of 1991, it marked a new era for feminism in cinema and heralded the birth of a star: Brad Pitt (who conquered the world in just a few minutes on screen). Its two protagonists, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, embroider it. Both took the Oscar to the best interpretation, and the film obtained four more, among them best direction and best screenplay.

Thelma is a housewife who resigns herself to a boring life with a husband who strictly complies with all the clichés of machismo. Her friend Louise is the opposite, she lives freely and does not want to make commitments. Both decide to leave everything behind and improvise a crazy vacation aboard a convertible across the west.

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