Camilla Parker-Bowles comes out in defense of women journalists

Camilla Parker-Bowles comes out in defense of women journalists

During the Duchess of Cornwall’s visit to Scotland with Prince Charles , Camilla participated in a session on Women in Journalism in which she made a vibrant plea for support and promotion of “brave journalists facing to danger every day in Afghanistan . “

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Camilla was at Dumfries House yesterday for a session on Women in Journalism . The Duchess gave a short speech in which she assured that “all journalists who fight for truth and justice in the face of reprisals deserve our thanks and admiration.” And, specifically, and in line with what is happening in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the North American and European troops, he expressed his concern because ” I have been informed that if in 2020 there were 700 women journalists working in Kabul, today there are less than 100. With the loss of 600 voices, the experiences of countless Afghans will not be counted. “

Camilla and Yalda HakimGetty Images

The Duchess spoke specifically with the journalist and BBC presenter Yalda Hakim, born in Afghanistan, but who as a child had to emigrate with her family to Australia after the Soviet invasion of her country. On August 15, while commenting on the situation in Afghanistan on his program, he received a live call from Suhail Sheheem, a Taliban spokesman who assured him that there would be no revenge against anyone

Camilla hosted the event at Dumfries House, a space restored by the Prince of Wales charity, where she also heard about other challenges women face in the media. Founded by Eve Pollard 28 years ago, Women in Journalism is a non-profit organization that provides guidance and support to its members.

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