These new Zara jackets look great and are perfect for going to the office and going out to dinner

These new Zara jackets look great and are perfect for going to the office and going out to dinner

There is life beyond the versatile raincoat to face the fluctuations in temperature typical of halftime. Just take a look at the new Zara collection to realize that autumn is just around the corner and, in addition to jeans , ballerinas and sneakers , the outerwear we choose will be key for our look to adapt to any scenario, from a day at the office to a dinner with friends .

Cardigans continue to be key pieces this season Zara
  • Fashion trends. The jacket you wore as a teenager will be a trend this season (and this is how it is worn)
  • Fashion trends. The jacket that has been in your wardrobe for years will also be a trend this fall

That time of year is approaching when overlays – or layering – become the best stylistic survival resource in the face of fluctuations in temperatures. Leaving early in the morning and returning home at dusk can be a real headache when choosing a look, which is why the mid-season jackets or jackets are the key piece of all your autumn outfits. The perfect jacket is one that we can wear with both jeans and dress pants , combine with dresses and skirts and even wear under a trench coatif the temperatures drop too low (remember that, during these months, everything is possible climatologically speaking).

Therefore, it is essential that our mid-season jacket meets some basic requirements : that it keeps us warm without weighing us down, that it dries quickly if it gets wet and that it be able to guarantee that extra warmth when the sun goes down without being heavy or annoying during the day. . In addition, you have to be versatile and work in any setting, from a semi-formal office context to a Sunday walk or an unexpected date. Diving into the latest Zara collection , we have found those timeless, versatile jackets that are easy to combine with the rest of the garments in our wardrobe. In a word: perfect .


The kimono is one of the most versatile and comfortable jackets for halftime Zara

We already know that the kimono has been the blazer of the summer and everything indicates that, this season, we will continue to wear that jacket with an oriental influence, super versatile and very comfortable . Zara’s proposal works with all the basics that are already in the closet and is the perfect alternative to compose an elegant style without falling into excess of formality.


A houndstooth blazer always brings an elegant and timeless touch Zara

With the permission of the animal print , the houndstooth is the pattern that never seems to go out of style and that is always present (albeit in a discreet way). A blazer in this print will instantly elevate any look made up of essentials and add a touch of classic elegance that always works.


Versatile and comfortable, cardigans are key in autumn Zara

The cardigan could not be missing from our selection of outerwear for halftime. Crossover and belted in the same fabric, this Zara jacket is ideal to combine with jeans, tailored-inspired trousers and even to update all your summer dresses to keep wearing them for the next few months.


Bet on renewed silhouettes, they will be a success Zara

What’s a mid-season wardrobe without a black blazer? Bet on silhouettes that move away from the classic patterns to give a renewed air to your look through a garment that works as a wild card for all your fall outfits.


Faux leather jackets have the power to instantly elevate any look Zara

Leather – and all its vegan versions – will continue to be one of the star fabrics of this season. Whether with jeans or combined with a midi skirt or pants in the same material, wear it in a sophisticated key to achieve round looks.

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