The curtain bangs with waves, the hair trend that Charlie’s Angels wore and that is now making a comeback

The curtain bangs with waves, the hair trend that Charlie’s Angels wore and that is now making a comeback

The curtain and wave bangs and in the purest curtain style that Charlie’s Angels wore are again more fashionable than ever this season. And the best thing is that it is one of those that provides more body and volume to fine hair . We tell you why.

The bangs of Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith sporting the wavy curtain bangs in the series “Charlie’s Angels” are now making a comeback. GTres Online.
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If the bangs with the fall haircut . There is one that comes stomping above all the others and it is none other than the wavy curtain bangs that were worn in the late 70s and that were worn by Charlie’s Angels and Farrah Fawcett in the iconic series.

It is a reinterpretation of the seventies bangs that most flatters all types of faces and also adds more volume to fine hair . In fact, it has triumphed on social networks and in salons in recent months and is being asked more and more frequently because it frames the face and favors a lot.


The wavy curtain bangs are worked with a faded haircut from the front that is essential to achieve this movement effect and is worked from the bangs to the length of the hair. The parting in the middle is also important in the look, as well as that the bangs are slightly wavy with a round brush stroke, blow dryer and taking the movement back.

Being a haircut and a look that goes with a parting in the middle, it is not a suitable cut for round or very square faces . And it is ideal for oval and slightly elongated ones, as well as for textured hair and especially those with a light wave. In addition, color is a complement that works in favor of the look: the slightly lighter sides help to enhance the cut and further enhance the luminosity of the face.

What is clear is that the wavy curtain bangs are still one of the trends of 2021 and in its waft or wavy version even more because it is the most versatile, easy to style and very flattering.

Suki Waterhouse inspires us a lot when it comes to wearing the wavy curtain bangs in multiple versions.GTres Online.

When styling it, invest in a round brush to style it and comb it with your blow dryer to find the perfect wave. And don’t forget to select the right products to help your hair keep its shape, such as a root-lifting spray if you have fine hair to give it even more body and movement. And finally, put a touch of hairspray or medium fixative or dry shampoo to add more texture or a finishing spray if you want it more polished

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