The Balenciaga bag or the same one that they give you with the potatoes in the Murcian garden

The Balenciaga bag or the same one that they give you with the potatoes in the Murcian garden

You can see that fashion is cyclical and if micro-bags have been taken with them until recently , the time has come for the maxi, but really. Proof of this is the new model Barbés of Balenciaga , which is the leather version of the bag to go to make the purchase of a lifetime.

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The creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia , already versioned the blue Ikea bag back in 2017 (already 1,700 euros). Today you can buy the bag that they give you with the potatoes when you go to the market in the Murcian garden, or the one that you use to store the seasonal clothes in the attic or the one that they use in the works to collect the rubble.

The star bag of the season, Balenciaga. Balenciaga

That one, the one with blue, red and white squares, but with the Balenciaga logo . For the modest price of 1,590 euros, in the XXL version, which is the one that is carried.

The model is called Barbès East -West Shopper and although it may seem like a joke, it is not a laminated bag but made of calfskin embossed in blue, white and red squares.


Although many times have called Demma, the troll fashion , is not the first to have made these winks at shopping bags.

Louis Vuitton bag from 2006. Louis Vuitton

Back in 2006 , the great Marc Jacobs imitated these plasticized maxi bags from the Chinese market when he was designing for Louis Vuitton .


And that so characteristic tartan also conquered Phoebe Philo, who included it in some pieces of Celine’s collection in the fall-winter of 2013.

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