The 2022 haircuts that best suit you according to the shape of your face

The 2022 haircuts that best suit you according to the shape of your face

The trends in haircuts and hairstyles are there for us to follow, or not, it all depends on what favors us more or less according to the shape of your face.

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We all like to follow the trends in hairstyles and haircuts, those of 2022, which we have already reviewed on more than one occasion , are loaded with flattering styles that are very easy to wear and maintain on a day-to-day basis. However, not all trends favor us all equally. And, when we choose a new haircut, in addition to the fact that we love how it looks for the celebrity of the moment, we also have to think about how it can look to us based on our features.

The best haircuts for women over 50

As you can see, some are suitable for more than one type of face so you will have more to choose from. Check out!

Bob almost whole

The almost full bobs with the straight middle parting or with very subtle and straight waves to highlight the face are one of the strongest trends for next year and Alexandra Pereira has already joined it . They create a very modern and sophisticated image that fits perfectly with oval, round and square faces as long as they exceed the chin to harmonize these features. On long faces, they look good in shorter and wavy versions.

Easy going pixie

The very short pixie with slightly tousled texture is perfect for those who bet on short ones. The cut can be adapted to any type of face, since we can comb it in different ways: to the side, to the front … The casual touch will help to subtract years. It suits almost all faces, but is perfect for triangular, oval and round ones. The trick is in how we wear the bangs longer, to hide a wide forehead, or shorter so as not to make the face smaller.

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