Dry skin after the summer? Reset your body with these cosmetics

Dry skin after the summer? Reset your body with these cosmetics

Taking advantage of the arrival of Healthy Weeks to Mifarma by Atida, we have made a selection of 11 products to take care of your skin after the summer with discounts of up to 25%. Enjoy the summer of your life at any time of the year!

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In summer the skin is more exposed than ever to the effects of solar radiation, humidity, salt or chlorine and that is why it is normal that at the end of the summer season, it is affected. Dry, dehydrated skin, with roughness or spots and even a little more dull …  These are some of the factors that indicate that your skin needs an immediate reset and extra hydration.

Spots on the face: (quality) cosmetics to reduce and prevent them

In general terms, after summer the most important thing is to reinforce hydration using intensive treatments but without forgetting to exfoliate the skin to eliminate dead cells and impurities, clean the pores and thus restore the luminosity and vitality of the face. On the other hand, it is normal to observe the appearance of spots on the face and, in these cases, a depigmenting product should be used to help reduce and prevent them.

So, taking advantage of the arrival of Healthy Weeks to Mifarma by Atida  –and with them incredible discounts of up to 25% -, we did not want to miss the opportunity to show you 11 skin care products with which you can reset your body and look more beautiful and hydrated than ever. 

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Sesderma C-Vit Revitalizing Gel Cream

It is a gel with a light texture that combines the properties of gel and cream and is very easy to apply. It prevents and treats the signs of aging and also, thanks to vitamin C and ginkgo biloba extract, it provides extra luminosity, vitality and youth to the skin. It is especially indicated for the daily care of combination skin.

Weleda Skin Food Repairing SOS Cream

If you have dry and flaking skin, this 100% plant-based cream is for you. It is regenerating, healing, repairing and suitable for any area of ​​the body. With its characteristic aroma of medicinal plants and its great nutritional power, it relieves irritations and is perfect for the most sensitive areas of the skin as well as localized areas such as elbows, feet and hands.

Eucerin Anti-Blemish Serum

If you want to reduce dark spots or prevent their appearance, this serum will help you achieve it. Contains Thiamidol that acts at the origin of hyperpigmentation and concentrated Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin. The results are visible in just two weeks!

Bepanthol Derma Moisturizing Repair Face Cream

This moisturizing face cream is ideal for daily use and is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin as it provides intense and long-lasting hydration. In addition, it  calms and relieves the itching and tightness characteristic of this type of skin . It is formulated with vitamin B5, dexpanthenol, niacinamide (vitamin B3), lipids and glycerin that promote the regeneration of the skin from the inside.

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