Small tattoos: 15 pretty and very mini ideas

Small tattoos: 15 pretty and very mini ideas

Get inspired by these minimalist tattoo designs that we have pinned on Instagram. They are discreet, precious and a real vice. You won’t be able to make just one!

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Mini tattoos have become the obsession of influencers and we can say that they are a real vice. If you are looking for inspiration on the Internet to make yourself a beautiful and minimalist design, this interests you! 

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We have compiled 15 minimal designs that are authentic marvels of ink , discreet and precious tattoos: romantic, fun, deep … Surely some of these drawings convey exactly the idea you have in your head, or help you find a word that suits you. define or a concept, souvenir, slogan or symbol that you want to wear forever on your skin. 


Small tattoos are quite discreet, so they look good anywhere on the body. It is a matter of taste and depends on whether you want it to be visible or you prefer to have it covered. We love mini tattoos on the hips, arms, ankles, wrist, behind the elbow, on the hands and also on the ears (for the more daring). 


The price of a small tattoo depends on the center you go to, but being simple and quick to do, it will be around € 50- € 100. The price will vary depending on the complexity and whether or not they are in color. 

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Take a look at the gallery to discover the selection of mini tattoos that we have prepared . And if you’re wanting more, take a look at these Instagram accounts to keep looking for more mini tattoo ideas.

A very recurring idea is to get a date tattoo . Your birthday, your anniversary with a partner, the year of your child’s birth, an important date in your life that represents a meaning for you. 

The designs with abstract shapes are also super fashionable and are so discreet that you will never get tired of wearing them on your skin. 

A mini and very beautiful tattoo that you can get with your sister, friend, partner … In the ankle area it is ideal!

Tattooing stars, sparkles or shooting stars is also a sure hit. We love these minimal designs!

You can choose to tattoo your initial or that of a person important to you . It looks great in a mini size on any of the fingers, but you should know that in this area of ​​the body tattoos are easily erased. 

Butterflies are a symbol of evolution and metamorphosis, freedom, delicacy … That is why they become another of our favorite designs. 

The coordinates of your favorite place in the world, your home or that place where you were very happy. 

A smiley face is always a good option for a tattoo. Aretha Galleta wears it on one of her fingers, but the reality is that it will look great anywhere on the body. 

We also really liked the idea of ​​integrating the smiley face into the word ‘smile’. So you never forget to smile!

Words written by type or pen in the area of ​​the wrist also triumph. The influencer Bárbara Pérez has ‘karma’ tattooed, but you can do it with something that has meaning for you.

Some of the meanings of getting an eye tattoo can be protection, clarity, truth, security … They are another of the most popular tattoos on Instagram!

Daisy flower

Your favorite flower will also make a perfect minimal tattoo. Daisy, rose, tulip … 


If you are one of those who collect sunsets at sea, this tattoo will become your favorite of the selection


There is no more accurate tattoo for fans of travel than this plane. It will look great in the ankle area, but also on the forearm or side. 

Ear tattoo

We find the idea of ​​wearing minimal tattoos on the ear very original. Here are two examples!


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