Sienna Miller has the first jeans of the season that you should buy (And so they combine)

Sienna Miller has the first jeans of the season that you should buy (And so they combine)

The denim gets old Sienna Miller has the relaxed version of the cowboy will mark the trends autumn of 2021 .

Sienna Miller walking through New York
  • Fashion accessories. The five sandals that never fail at Sienna Miller’s shoe rack (or why she inspires us more than Carrie)
  • Fashion trends. The new season jeans by Massimo Dutti that you can buy now and keep wearing them all fall

Sienna Miller is one of those trendsetters who naturally achieves a unique and impeccable style that is her hallmark. An expert in street style , she has shown that it does not take more than jeans and a white t-shirt to create a perfect look. And it is that the model and actress is our greatest inspiration when it comes to basic, bohemian and relaxed looks .

In her last appearance, we have seen the also fashion designer, walking through the streets of New York, wearing a simple and perfect look for a Sunday . And good news, you can recreate the look perfectly because you already have all the pieces in your closet.

Sienna Miller walking through New York Gtres Online

And the outfit, as simple as it is sophisticated, is made up of a very basic white T-shirt and worn jeans with low-rise sleeves. A look that Kate Moss or Winona Ryder used since the 90’s as daily.

But if we talk about trends, we have to talk about denim pants and the ones that triumph this season are the wide ones . So say goodbye to your beloved skinny jeans, because baggy pants hit the ground running and ensure maximum styling both tall and short.

The accessories are those that elevate the style; a belt with buckles, a Gucci bag on the shoulder, simple gold flat sandals , black sunglasses and the perfect touch of color: a striking red bow to decorate her hair in the purest Brigitte Bardot style .

We insist, once again, on the importance of the basics , capable of solving any stylistic dilemma. Dare, like Sienna Miller to play with your wardrobe basics, combine dolos with accessories that give your minimal look freshness and color.

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