Pencil skirt and 10 cm pumps, Jennifer López’s rentrée inspired by the 2010s

Pencil skirt and 10 cm pumps, Jennifer López’s rentrée inspired by the 2010s

This summer Jennifer Lopez is sweeping all her looks; The latest: black top and retro Prince of Wales plaid skirt , perfect for a return to routine .

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
 Jennifer Lopez’s latest look you’ll want to recreate this summer (with all accessories included)
  • Celebrities. Jennifer Lopez’s daughter already overshadows her mother

Jennifer Lopez is in her personal best at 52 years old and not only because of her unstoppable professional career, but also because of her reconciliation with Ben Affleck 17 years later. In fact, the couple is so close that on several occasions we have seen them synchronized even when it comes to dressing , like this weekend, captured on the streets of Los Angeles combined with garments in black and gray tones.

The reality is that the singer’s style has evolved to become a benchmark for fashion trends , and this summer we have been able to verify it, as each appearance of her has become a public catwalk that has inspired us . In fact, with its last appearance it has transported us to 2010 , when tight garments , high heels , tight tops , legacy of the 80’s were worn , and when neon colors disappeared and were replaced by black, white and various gray gradients.

The style is composed of a black sleeveless top , very basic and fitted to mark the silhouette, and a skirt with asymmetric hem with spikes that creates an elegant sensation of movement when walking signed by Tom Ford . Made of a gray checked fabric , with a high waist, that manages to fit all bodies, and has a thin black belt that it wears in a bow, and the hem with frayed and that has instantly reminded us of Massimo’s skirt Dutti of Queen Letizia . The singer has accessorized with fishnet-effect heels from Louboutin and a black bag from Hermès and maxi-glasses from Prada .

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