Leonor says goodbye to her parents and infanta Sofía at the airport and heads to Wales

Leonor says goodbye to her parents and infanta Sofía at the airport and heads to Wales

Today Eleanor’s adventure begins at UWC Atlantic Wales. And for this reason, the Kings have wanted to share the images of the farewell of their first-born at the airport, some photos full of tenderness where you can see the most familiar face of the sovereigns with their daughters.

Leonor said goodbye to her parents and her sister at the airport in ...


  • Looks. Princess Eleanor is already studying in Wales: this has been her most mediatic summer
  • Looks. All the times that Queen Letizia has trusted Spanish fashion

Heading to Wales, in a striped T-shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers . Leonor sets course for her new academic adventure in Wales and the Kings have not hesitated to share some of the most emotional and private images we have of them so far.

The King saying goodbye to Eleanor.Gtres online

We imagine that it is not easy to say goodbye to your daughter who is leaving for the first time alone and heading abroad. For this reason, both the Kings and Sofía have accompanied Leonor to the same access door to the terminal. Leonor chose a comfortable and informal look, with a backpack and suitcase in tow, and said goodbye to her parents for her first weeks at her new school in Wales. Of course, his return is scheduled for October 22 , when he will enjoy his first vacation.

The Kings have fired Leonor who is heading to Wales.Gtres Online

Not only for the Kings this farewell has been difficult. In fact, in one of the images in which Leonor is seen accessing the boarding gate, Sofía can be seen who is being consoled by her father.

The Princess of Asturias will be interned at UWC Atlantic College for two years, although the Royal House has already announced that the heiress will be able to reconcile her studies with some official acts of her role in the Institution.

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