Netflix bets on women and their ambitions in “On the Edge”, starring Julie Delpy

Netflix bets on women and their ambitions in “On the Edge”, starring Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy , the actress who fell in love with the world with the trilogy Before Dawn with Ethan Hawke, debuts as a director and screenwriter with this fiction set in Los Angeles, which she also stars in. On the Verge hits Netflix on September 7.

Julie Delpy directs and stars in “On the Edge”, the new Netflix series. Getty Images.
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He made us believe in love with the Before Dawn trilogy , which he starred in alongside Ethan Hawke. But behind were the romantic movies that made her known. Julie Delpy (Paris, 1969) is in another vital stage, and at 51 years old she is more interested in the stories of real women, with questions, ambitions, doubts . And that is why, in addition to acting, he has launched a series for the giant Netflix.

Julie Delpy has not only written the script, but also directs and stars on the edge , a series in which the search for love on the part of its characters is present, but does not speak: these women have the desire to pursue new goals work and deal with stressful lives in the city of Los Angeles.

Scene from “On the Edge”, on Netflix.

The four protagonists have to face the fact of having lost some freedom after deciding to become mothers after 30. Nearing 50, they find in middle age a perfect time to reinvent themselves. Although they cannot help but think of the past, the protagonists are at a time when they can do what they want based on their principles and values. In dramedia form, the series explores the way Girls did in early youth what life is like for four very different women: a successful chef, an heiress, a single mother and an unemployed girl.


Julie Delpy is Justine. Alexia Landeau is Ell. Elisabeth Shue is Anne. The three, along with Sarah Jones , complete the leading quartet of On the Edge . Along with them, a large number of secondary characters occupy the roles of sons, daughters and love interests of the four main characters. With 12 episodes of 30 minutes each, this series is already among the most watched Netflix series of the moment.

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