Do you need to go to the psychologist? Clues to find out

Do you need to go to the psychologist? Clues to find out

If you feel sad, overwhelmed, or distressed … and you cannot blame the post-vacation syndrome, but it is something that comes from afar, happens to you frequently, or is due to some unsolved problem, you may need psychological help. Attention to the warning signs.

Consulting with a professional can help you when you feel unable to resolve a psychological problem. Jonathan Segade
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You drown in a glass of water, you are nervous and irascible, there are certain recurring themes that you do not get out of your head, it is difficult for you to sleep or you wake up in the middle of the night, you live prey to anxiety … you have worries or problems, but in Instead of facing them, you feel that many of them are entrenched and you are unable to put them out. Should I go to a psychologist? You wonder. Could you help me manage these issues that rob me of my quality of life? How to find a competent professional? Laura Rojas-Marcos , doctor in Psychology and Health, and columnist for the Bienestar channel of he tells us.

Professional help can help minimize the suffering caused by some psychological problems. Josefina Andrés


“The most important thing is that you first identify that you have a challenge, challenge, problem …, an issue that needs attention, not solved , and that for some reason is dragged in time, and is not solved”, explains Laura Rojas -Frames. “It is the feeling that you walk in circles and that whatever you do you do not fully understand, or change something … Then you talk with friends, with trusted people and get down to work. Sometimes this helps, but other times no, and you feel that there is something that does not quite fit or you do not have the answers, you do not know how to solve it. It is time to seek professional help from a psychologist “.


“It is key to identify if you have suffering and the intensity of the discomfort. Also, pay attention to these symptoms : one thing is that you have had a bad night, or several days, as I am seeing is frequent now, at the turn of the summer with the Post-vacation depression syndrome. There are many people with anxiety , or certain anguish, something that is very common, it happens every year, but now after the Covid much more, “explains the expert.

“There are people who do start to seek help because they perceive that this degree of anxiety is so acute that it does not allow them to function normally. Or they have a lot of anguish, or depression, they cannot sleep, they have nightmares , not one day, but constantly. They feel a deep sadness or the urge to cry , or it is very difficult for them, day after day, to get out of bed … these are signs in which the body, mind and heart speak to you and tell you that they need help “.


“Those who decide this step are brave , who know each other and, above all, who have a proactive attitude . Seeking help is a decisive attitude, but, unfortunately, we live in a society in which the inability to face something as a problem is associated Weakness . And this is one of the biggest mistakes in beliefs, which in the end does not stop paralyzing people. Taking that step is brave, it is doing something about it, and it is a strength, “says Laura Rojas-Marcos.


Our expert recommends:

  • As when you are looking for any good professional, the important thing is to investigate, ask someone you know who has done a psychotherapeutic work that has worked for them .
  • Make sure that this professional has the necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience .
  • It is essential that there is a feeling between the patient and the psychologist , because it may happen that you run into a good professional with whom there is no chemistry. And taking into account that emotions are worked on in psychotherapy, it is essential that you feel that you connect and that you can trust

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