Milk, cereals and honey… and what else? – Opinion on chiquilín cookies

Milk, cereals and honey… and what else? – Opinion on chiquilín cookies

opinion about chiquilín cookies

The other day I paid attention to the announcement of the chiquilín cookies, which I don’t usually do because they all seem like a lie to me and unfortunately I am not surprised … To those who have not seen it yet here I leave the link so that if you want to continue reading this post you know what I’m talking about.

It turns out that mom sends her son to buy cereals, eggs and honey and the little one brings everything in the form of little cookies. But what’s the truth in that, I thought. So as they say, curiosity killed the cat and I had to go to the supermarket to read the labeling. This is what I found:

As the ad says we have highlighted and even drawn on the package, the cereals, eggs and honey. But let’s read the ingredients list: “67% wheat flour, sugar, oleoequilibre 13% (vegetable oils of high oleic sunflower and palm), grated coconut, whey powder, wheat starch, glucose and fructose syrup, honey 0.7%, powdered eggs (equivalent to 2.4% eggs), raising agents (sodium and ammonium bicarbonates), salt, flavorings, antioxidants (E304, E306), barley malt extract, vitamin and mineral salts: vitamin D, calcium and iron carbonate. “

We can see that “cereals” is mainly wheat flour, since the rest of cereals make a negligible contribution, so it should say CEREAL, in the singular, or even wheat. Eggs, what to say, it does not even reach an eighth of an egg, since it contains the equivalent of 2.4% egg (I am quite amused that they still use the plural). And honey … not even M comes with less than 1% …

As you can see, honey and eggs are in ninth and tenth place on the list of ingredients while sugar is in second. (Know that the ingredients are listed in the order according to the amount the food contains, from highest to lowest).

And if you read the nutritional table, you see that it has 21 g of sugar for every 100 of the product, which is a lot.

Does it really help our children’s nutrition?

No, once again they are selling us smoke. They are selling us health, energy and flavor (I quote) and healthy growth for the most vulnerable (children) when in reality they are giving us low quality sugar and vegetable oils. Cookies are just as sweet as cupcakes, donuts, and croissants!

I take this opportunity to encourage you to read the label each time you buy a food or at least when you doubt whether it is really healthy. If you have questions or want to comment on a specific one, you can leave a comment.

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