Healthy snacks for kids

Healthy snacks for kids

Healthy snacks for kids

Healthy snacks for kids
Snack is often one of the most delicious and desired meals for many children. Therefore, we want to share with you some ideas to make your child’s snack tasty and healthy . So, grab a pencil and paper and take note!

The children’s snack

Many moms and dads often ask themselves questions like this: what should I offer my child for a snack? or what is a healthy snack? In a previous article, we talked about breakfast  and the key to making it complete and healthy. We conclude that, to get a correct breakfast, the key is that the foods that make it up provide the nutrients that the child needs.

This premise can also be extrapolated to the snack and, in fact, to any of the other meals we eat throughout the day. At the same time, we must pay attention that, as a whole, the sum of all the intakes of a day provides the necessary amount of energy and nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

The afternoon snack is a great way to complement the main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and a good time to offer foods that provide your child with quality nutrients. The food groups that can be part of the snack are the same as those for breakfast:

  • Farinaceous, preferably whole: This group includes, for example, bread, biscuits, sticks, breakfast cereals (without sugar whenever possible), muesli, oat flakes, puffed rice, etc.
  • Dairy: Milk and unsweetened dairy derivatives such as yogurt, cheese, kefir, curd, flavored milks (shakes). Snack is an ideal time to have one of the three recommended servings of dairy per day. Remember that there are dairy adapted to the nutritional needs of children, enriched with nutrients such as iron or vitamin D .
  • Fresh fruit: The Spanish Community Nutrition Society (SENC) in its new Healthy Eating  guide recommends the preferential consumption of whole fruits, instead of derivatives. A healthy alternative is also dried fruit such as plums, raisins, dates.
  • Nuts: It is advisable to opt for raw or roasted and unsalted . They can be incorporated whole, from the age of 3, or in the form of a spread.

Healthy snack ideas for kids

Now that we have gone through the theory a little bit, let’s go for the practice. All of these foods can be offered alone or in combination with each other. In addition, they can be supplemented with other foods, such as olive oil, protein foods … Let’s see some examples:

  • Wholegrain Bread Sandwich With Homemade Cocoa Cream: Who could resist? Homemade cocoa cream is a quick and easy recipe that you can easily prepare with your children. The ingredients are: roasted hazelnuts, pure cocoa powder (unsweetened), milk and dates (the dried fruit will give the cream a sweet taste). Crush, spread the bread, and accompany with a glass of milk.
  • Whole wheat bread sandwich with cheese and vegetables: Vegetables can also be a filling option for sandwiches. For example, a little lettuce or arugula with grated or sliced ​​tomato, soft cheese and extra virgin olive oil, or a little avocado and some tomatoes.
  • Whole fruit and smoothie: It does not need any preparation, it is easy to carry and healthy. The shake will provide a portion of dairy products, with this snack you will be sure that it provides vitamins and minerals.
  • Whole wheat toast with fresh cheese and fruit: Have you ever tried combining cheese with fruit? Some bread with fresh cheese and raspberries or kiwi, for example, is yummy.
  • Fruit smoothie: You can prepare it at home with your favorite fruit and milk. If you prefer, you can also add a little oatmeal.
  • Natural yogurt with pieces of natural fruit and crushed nuts: a good combination of dairy, fruit and nuts, without a doubt delicious.
  • Apple pieces with cinnamon: A way to give a different and even tastier touch to the fruit.

What is your children’s favorite snack? Here we have some ideas for healthy snacks for children, but there are millions of other combinations. Let your imagination fly! 

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