Geppi Cucciari: here’s how she lost 10 kg

Geppi Cucciari: here’s how she lost 10 kg

Geppi Cucciari, the famous stand-up comedian and TV presenter, sports a beastly physique after she lost 10 kg. Let’s see how she did it and what diet she followed to get back in great shape.

Who is Geppi Cucciari

Geppi Cucciari, born Maria Giuseppina Cucciari, is a comedian, stand-up comedian, television host, radio host, actress and former Italian basketball player of Sardinian origin.

Geppi Cucciari’s diet: how he managed to lose 10 kg

Today Geppi Cucciari sports a toned physique and the secret – as she herself says – is also due to constant intense training. Basketball, her great hobby, yoga and Tabata training, are the activities that have accompanied her on her path of metamorphosis. As for the diet, however, a precise choice was made: eliminate carbohydrates and fats from the diet. The comic actress, thanks to the support of an expert, strictly followed this diet, divided into two different phases, for about 40 days, feeding mostly on proteins, at least in the first phase. In the second phase, she has reset her diet by making changes: she has eliminated or reduced dairy products and yeasts, foods to which she is intolerant. You green light instead to vegetables and soy milk in quantity. Bread and pasta have been reduced to a minimum, in fact he only consumes them 3-4 times a month, while meat only once a week. In short, this diet allowed her to lose excess pounds while remaining in excellent health.

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