The 3 anti-stress drinks of September after the holidays

The 3 anti-stress drinks of September after the holidays

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In September, many Italians suffer from the return syndrome or a malaise due to the end of the summer holidays and there are many who go on a diet and decide to use anti-stress drinks. Let’s see some little used for this purpose, but really effective, able to calm anxiety, tension and nervousness and above all able to alleviate the disorders of the anti-stress syndrome. Stress, a condition capable of undermining the balance of the most balanced of men, and also of women of course, a condition that can have various causes, most of the time related to work, to an unsatisfactory life, to a relationship that is being consumed, to an excessive workload, in short to a series of events that, in large part, are beyond our control. In a period of economic crisis like the present one,

Among these, love could be a solution, but the conditional is a must as there is an old adage, never denied and if anything always confirmed by the facts that reads: “love does not want thoughts”, and so it is effectively. Another solution could be a little physical activity: walking relaxes because it helps metabolize stress, promotes the production of serotonin, the molecule of good mood, frees the mind from bad thoughts, only you may not find the strength, or rather, the right stimulus to go for a walk, so it is a remedy that only a few are able to adopt.

The 3 anti-stress drinks of September after the holidays to alleviate the disorders of the re-entry syndrome
 : a nice glass of milk, obviously for those who do not have problems of lactose intolerance, can be of great help as it contains a substance, the tryptophan, which once metabolized is transformed into serotonin, the molecule of well-being, able to give stress a good sponge. Furthermore, milk contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, all substances capable of lowering pressure which, as is known, in stressed subjects is decidedly higher than normal.
Hot chocolate:a hot chocolate, which thanks also to its sweet perfume that pervades everything, manages to put things back in place very quickly. In addition, chocolate stimulates the brain to release dopamine and opioids capable of relieving tension and, moreover, a hot drink is subconsciously synonymous with pleasure, well-being, so tension and stress are destined to leave room for a sensation of serenity.

Black tea: black tea, to drink instead of coffee. According to a study by the University College of London (Great Britain), if taken 4 times a day for 6 weeks, it helps to KO the stress hormone cortisol, and therefore you can gradually regain control of the situation.
Green tea, rich in theaine, a substance that induces an increase in the production of alpha waves by the brain that promote relaxation and, therefore, quickly remove stress.


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