Female migraine pathology: virtual event

Female migraine pathology: virtual event

Migraine, female pathology. This is the topic of the virtual event that will be held on Thursday 3 February 2022 at 11.30.

To sign up and receivethe link to connect to the event is necessary to fill in the form available at the following web address: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_HL3IOsMdTjSOrZPzaClzwQ. Migraine is a chronic disease, the third most frequent and the second most disabling disease affecting about six million Italians, of which four are women. Although the disease has a very high human, social and economic cost, it is still perceived by patients as “invisible” and trivialized to “simple headaches”. For this, Fondazione Onda presents to the institutions a document and a Manifesto that highlight the main critical issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of migraine with a focus on strategies to guarantee patients a timely and effective management, also through innovative models.

Migraine, participate in the event in virtual form:

  • Hon. Maria Lucia Lorefice, President of the Social Affairs Commission, Chamber of Deputies
  • Sen. Paola Boldrini, Vice-President of the Hygiene and Health Commission, Senate of the Republic
  • Piero Barbanti *, President of ANIRCEF, Italian Neurological Association for Headache Research – President of AIC Onlus, Italian Association for the Fight against Headaches
  • Alfredo Berardelli, President of SIN, Italian Society of Neurology
  • Paolo Marteletti, President of FISC Onlus, Italian Foundation for the Study of Headaches
  • Lara Merighi, President of AL.Ce, Headache Alliance
  • Francesca Merzagora, President of the Onda Foundation
  • Nicoletta Orthmann, Medical Scientific Coordinator of the Onda Foundation
  • Rosanna Tarricone, Associate Professor, CERGAS, Research Center on Health and Social Care Management, SDA Bocconi

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