Pineapple centrifuge against swollen stomach and cellulite

Pineapple centrifuge against swollen stomach and cellulite

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Pineapple centrifuge: perfect for fighting swollen stomach and cellulite. Pineapple is a fruit rich in bromelain, a substance that helps speed up metabolism and digest. In fact, it is said that pineapple is an excellent fat burner, and that it helps to keep cholesterol down and to drain liquids, helping to fight water retention and cellulite. All this makes it an excellent ingredient for slimming juices.
Sweet, colorful and delicious, it has a sugary and refreshing taste that makes it one of the most popular fruits. The pineapple diet has also been popular for years. It helps to keep the stomach flat and cleanses the body. Its properties are surprising and promote well-being at all times of the year. The pineapple diet is part of the fast diets list because it only lasts four days and we can repeat it cyclically, after a month. This is because, despite being a simple and easy to follow diet, it must be part of a balanced diet.

Pineapple juice: ingredients and preparation
To prepare the pineapple juice, you need to blend 2 slices of pineapple, 1 fennel and 1 stalk of celery. In addition to being very thirst-quenching, pineapple will help drain fluids and digest, fennel helps reduce a swollen belly, and celery helps detoxify. As an alternative to celery, for purifying purposes, you can choose from the many foods with purifying power, which are well suited to a slimming juice.


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