Fast diet to lose 5 kg in one week

Fast diet to lose 5 kg in one week

The lightning diet to lose up to 5 kg in a week is based on a restrictive but also balanced diet. Among the many diets this is among the easiest to follow.

The weekly menu includes a menu with free quantities. Every day snacks and breakfasts are the same, the snack must be done in the middle of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon. As always in the diets published on our site we recommend that you consult your family doctor or a specialist, but let’s see how it works and what you eat every day in the weekly diet to lose weight up to 5 kg.

Fast diet to lose 5 kg in one week

Breakfast: a jar of low-fat yogurt and 40 g of wholemeal cereals (or 4 wholemeal rusks); tea or coffee without sugar. For the snack you can eat a fruit instead.


  • Lunch: Vegetable puree seasoned with a teaspoon of oil.
  • Dinner: 250 g of grilled chicken breast and 80 g of green salad.


  • Lunch: Cherry tomato, fennel and cucumber salad.
  • Dinner: 250 grams of steamed salmon and 80 grams of green salad.


  • Lunch: 70 gr of legume soup, made with 70 gr of dried legumes or 200 gr boiled.
  • Dinner: 200 g of grilled squid and 200 g of boiled spinach.


  • Lunch: Vegetable puree with lentils (70g dry or 200g boiled).
  • Dinner: 250 grams of grilled steak and 80 grams of green salad.


  • Lunch: 60 gr of Basmati rice with courgettes
  • Dinner: 250 g of cod with tomato sauce and 80 g of green salad.


  • Lunch: Vegetable puree with beans (70g dry or 200g pre-cooked).
  • Dinner: 200 g of veal or turkey or chicken burger and 80 g of green salad.


  • Lunch: Vegetable puree and 200 grams of defatted chicken
  • Dinner: 200 g of sole or steamed cod and 80 g of salad with cherry tomatoes and fennel.


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