3 essential oils against cellulite

3 essential oils against cellulite

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Cellulite is an annoying blemish that affects many women. To combat cellulite, in addition to good hydration or drinking at least two liters of water a day and following a healthy diet, you can also use natural remedies, let’s see which ones. Among the natural remedies to be able to combat cellulite and reduce its symptoms there are essential oils which, in this case, act just as concentrated cosmetic active ingredients, able to improve our state of health.
3 essential oils against cellulite
Cypress essential oil

The essence of cypress is extracted by steam distillation of the young branches of the cypress and its function is that of a tonic for blood microcirculation. Cypress is also very useful in case of varicose veins and varicose veins and is a fundamental ingredient to create an anti-cellulite mix to be used every day for targeted massages. Take 100 ml of sweet almond oil and put 10 drops of cypress essential oil, 5 drops of rosemary essence and 7 drops of lemon essence. In this way, you will act directly on the orange peel skin, improving tone and circulation.

Bitter orange essential oil against cellulite
Bitter orange essential oil is obtained from the mechanical pressing of the peel of this fruit rich in fat-burning substances, useful in the case of cellulite and swelling, even in the abdominal part. We advise you to prepare a recipe of bath salts with bitter orange to benefit the detoxifying and lymphatic drainage properties of all the ingredients. In a glass container pour 300 g of Dead Sea salts and add 5 drops of batulla essence and 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Finally, you can enrich the recipe with pieces of dried bitter orange peel. Thoroughly mix this rich mix of beneficial properties and, after about half an hour, pour it into a tub of hot water. Soak for about 25 minutes.

Lemon essential oil against cellulite
The lemon essence extracted from the peels of the lemon fruit has toning properties for the skin, stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system, against cellulite, arterial heaviness, edema and capillary fragility. You can use lemon essential oil in combination with rosemary and cypress essence in a mix of vegetable oils. For example, combine 30 ml of sweet almond oil, 30 ml of jojoba oil and 30 ml of ivy oil; then, add 7 drops of lemon essence, 5 drops of rosemary and 5 drops of cypress. Use this anti-cellulite oil every day, twice a day, making a gentle massage on the affected areas. Lemon essential oil against cellulite

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