Eat healthy while traveling

Eat healthy while traveling

Table of Contents

  • 1 Discover the tricks to eat healthy on work, business, leisure or pleasure trips.
    • 1.1 Don’t use it as an excuse
    • 1.2 The survival kit
    • 1.3 Preparing the kit
    • 1.4 Personalization

Discover the tricks to eat healthy on work, business, leisure or pleasure trips.

Don’t use it as an excuse

It is very common that for work reasons we are forced to travel and sometimes, many more than we would like, unexpectedly. And it is at that moment when we have to organize, plan and move heaven and earth to be able to square all the schedules, leave everything ready and also try to eat healthy. However, there are those who use the trip as an excuse to eat out and badly. For this reason, and in order to put an end to all possible excuses, today I am going to explain to you how to survive trips (unexpected or not) and maintain good eating habits.

The survival kit

In addition to taking the laptop, 2 shirts and 1 jeans, some underwear and a pair of shoes, you must prepare what we are going to call the survival kit or traveler’s kit. This kit will consist of healthy foods that can be used as a snack, lunch or dinner, depending on when you travel, in what environment and with what utensils you can count on.

  • Traveling by plane : although you can travel at times when everything is absolutely closed, you also have rooms with dining rooms and even, depending on the airport, microwave availability. So, either way, you have no excuses.
  • Traveling by train : Stay away from all the RENFE menus and menus, they are the worst, and I have heard that if you find a fruit among their proposals, they reward you by letting you enter the driver’s cabin. I leave you linked the bar-mobile and menu-cafeteria menus so that you can see it for yourself. In addition, the restaurants in the stations are not the healthiest that we can find …
  • Traveling by bus : it is true that depending on which driver you run into, he will forbid you to eat on the bus. If so, you can eat at each stop. If he’s more tolerant and lets you eat inside the bus, go ahead! always when it’s from your kit.
  • Traveling by car . There is no justification. It is your car and you can take whatever you want. Of course, while driving, do not get distracted eating.
  • Travel by boat . I don’t think anyone travels by boat when it comes to business, but maybe for leisure or pleasure. If this is the case, you can complement at the bar with what you lack in your kit and finish balancing your plate.

Preparing the kit

So what should the kit carry? We are going to structure it into food groups, and then we will make combinations to make it a lunch and dinner, if necessary. Obviously these combinations will be based on the plate method.

  • Nuts : essential and top of the healthy snacks. Perfect to complement our protein intake at meals or simply as a snack. Always raw or toasted: pipes, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts (brazil, macadamia, california), hazelnuts, almonds …
  • Fruits:  All are worth but the easiest to transport are apple, banana or mandarin. Oranges can be a good option too, even kiwis. The rest you can take them prepared in a tupper, but that will mean that it does not take you long to eat it, and less if it is summer.
  • Dried fruits: dried  apricots, plums, raisins, dates … to combine with nuts or alone between meals. A sweet touch that will help in those moments of anxiety after hours of waiting due to unpredictable delays.
  • Wholemeal bread: biscuits or picos, always wholemeal, to accompany meals or a snack while we travel quietly.
  • Cheeses:  Individual servings of queso fresco or cheese in lochas to combine with other foods. On a plastic or aluminum foil, for example.
  • Canned fish: Especially if we know that we will have to have lunch or dinner in any way and without having a bar-cafeteria service. We can also combine it with others and make us of the protein part. Some examples: tuna, mackerel, sardines, mussels, cockles …
  • Canned Vegetables:  Clear individual size. Especially if we have to have lunch or dinner. To combine with others and improvise a healthy and balanced dish. For example: peas or beans.
  • Vegetables / vegetables : As snacks they are also a good option, one of the best. Now we can even find baby carrots, ideal and ready to eat. But we can also peel them in advance or take the peeler with us. Other options: cherries, broccoli sprigs, cucumbers, avocado, pepper … in the form of Image result for baby carrotsraw foods.
  • Vegetable patés. Made previously and preserved in reused glass jars (pickles, crushed tomato …). Another option is to buy them ready-made. For this you will only have to make sure that the product is of quality by reading the label correctly. 
  • Legumes: maybe at this point we are reaching the top geek level (like that mother who gave her son chickpeas for breakfast: D), but they are a really great option. We have water in any toilet so we can give it a good pass anywhere. As a snack or protein intake in a meal they are ideal.
  • Seeds : of any type, only if we are going to make a preparation and we want to enrich it with protein. Also if we have water and we want to hydrate them, like chia.
  • Milk:  Tetrabricks made from whole milk, as an alternative to water and more nutritious.
  • Natural yogurt:  The only drawback is that you should eat it shortly after leaving home. You can mix it with fruits, dried fruits and / or with nuts.
  • Leaf preparations:  If you need to eat before boarding then you can take your bag of leaves to mix with any of the above foods and make a healthy, balanced, nutritious and varied salad. It is true that you will need a container to mix it and a cutlery. Luckily, they exist made of plastic;).

You should also include in the kit, utensils that can facilitate the task, such as a small knife with a sheath, a packet of tissues or wet wipes, a small tupperware, a small glass container, some self-closing bags and a toothbrush with toothpaste. because oral hygiene is also very important.

And of course, water . The only and best drink that we can always carry with us. In addition we will save up to € 4 that they come to charge you at airports and train stations.


You see that you have no excuse. Now you just need to customize the kit. Depending on how long you are going to be away, in what medium you are going to travel, at what times, what utensils you have and the hours of travel. I leave that to you, however, you know that you can count on me and that I can help you in a totally free first visit. Because eating healthy is easy if you know how. And in the same way, losing weight is possible if you know how.

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