Ten tips to avoid getting fat this summer

Ten tips to avoid getting fat this summer

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  • 1 If summer is characterized by something, apart from sun and beach, it is because of the fear of returning from vacation with a few extra kilos. With these tips to avoid getting fat, that won’t happen to you!
    • 1.1 The fear of getting fat
    • 1.2 Tips to not gain weight this summer
    • 1.3 What if I gain weight?

If summer is characterized by something, apart from sun and beach, it is because of the fear of returning from vacation with a few extra kilos. With these tips to avoid getting fat, that will not happen to you!

The fear of getting fat

I bring you these tips to avoid getting fat because it is very common that when the good weather comes, those fears and worries about gaining kilos enter us. And it is logical, since we go out more, we have vacations and our social life is extended. But we should not think about ” I’m going to get fat ” because the simple anguish of thinking that you are going to gain weight, of counting calories, of looking carefully at each food, not only does not let you enjoy the summer, but also encourages and favors the increase of weight. And when you want to realize it, you are in September, without having been able to squeeze your days off and on top of it with a couple of extra kilos!

So, so that that does not happen to you, follow these tips to not gain weight and you will return to the ideal office, with a more skin tone and a radiant smile.

Tips to not gain weight this summer

  1. Relax . Don’t think you’re on a diet or “can’t eat X”. Just diaita : have good habits, eat healthy and stay active. Enjoy. It seems silly, but the simple stress that comes from thinking that we are on a diet already favors weight gain. And is that the bad mood, not seeing results (one day of intense heat you may find yourself more bloated) and the fact of seeing yourself displaced in social gatherings make you throw in the towel and eat badly and in quantity. So control, but without stress.
  2. Don’t go on diets. Do not go on express diets thinking that you are going to go on vacation for a whole week and want to enjoy eating it. No. Maintain good habits throughout the summer, eat your tapas, your beer, enjoy but with control. It is preferable to go out every weekend and have a snack or drink, than to go on an express diet to lose 5 kilos of water and muscle, spend a week at free will and come back with 10 extra kilos, 5 of water and muscle and 5 more of the fat from excesses.
  3. Enjoy but control. It is summer and you are on vacation, it is time to enjoy and disconnect but always with your head. That means that when it comes to eating out, always keep the dish method in mind and choose the healthiest types of cooking. You should also know that when we eat out the problem is not usually food but drink and desserts. So choose water as a drink, sparkling water or non-alcoholic beer. If you are a wine, always have a glass of water next to you and go alternating them and drink alcohol only in those moments that you really want, do not get carried away by the social environment. Of course it would be best not to drink it, but it is understandable! As for desserts, choose those based on fruits and put aside cakes, sweets or dairy desserts. Christmas is coming. You will also avoid feeling heavy afterwards.
  4. Stay active. It is very easy to stay active in this season: swimming in the beach or pool, going for a walk, running along the seashore, mountains, tourism, extreme sports … You have everything at hand to be at full capacity 24 hours, take advantage of it!
  5. If you can choose, apartment. If you are not going very far and the only thing you are going to do is go to the seafront, I recommend that you choose an apartment. Stays in apartments are much more bearable in terms of diet since you choose when, what and how. You can cook (if you want) whatever you want and if not, you can always prepare a dish in less than 5 minutes.
  6. Go well equipped to the beach and pool. Take your beach kit every time you go for a dip and never forget your tupperware. Remember that not only does the typical pasta tupperware exist, there is a world beyond. You can discover it in the course eat from tupperware.
  7. Round trip traveler’s kit. It is very important to be well equipped, just like when we go to the beach, when we travel. So the days you are traveling, whether by car, plane or train, put into practice the advice I gave you in the post eating healthy on the road .
  8. Eat fruit every morning. Eating fruit for breakfast is something that helps a lot to start the day with energy and healthy . It makes you feel good from the moment you wake up and helps you eat healthy the rest of the day. The healthy calls the healthy. Also make sure that you eat between 3 and 4 pieces a day, it is a very important source of water as well. All hotels and buffets have it so there is no excuse!
  9. Drink a lot of water. More. It is something that seems irrelevant but you should think that at least you should double your water consumption compared to winter because in summer there are more fluid losses due to sweat and heat. You will also combat retention and help heaviness. Drink water, herbal teas, cold teas, homemade flavored water … hydrate yourself. That means not drinking alcohol, or drinking as little as possible. Neither sugary drinks, and if you can, not light.
  10. Control the salt. When eating out more frequently, it is common to eat more salty, mainly because salt is added in the kitchen. When you have the opportunity to season it, try not to add salt, you are already eating it in excess with the rest of the meals. You will help fluid retention and you will feel less bloated.

What if I get fat?

It is likely that even following these tips to avoid gaining weight, you will. Do not worry. When you return to the routine those kilos will disappear, as long as they are not more than 3. With the simple fact of resuming your routine, returning to your healthy meals and going out less, you will return to where you started. If it is not like that or there are more than 3, you can go to a nutritionist dietitian to help you lose them. Remember that eatingconmaria offers you the first free visit . 

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