Diet to lose weight without spending the day in the kitchen

Diet to lose weight without spending the day in the kitchen

If what prevents you from losing weight is the laziness of cooking, the excuses are over… We give you a diet based on healthy fresh and processed foods that involves zero effort in the kitchen. Easy and, most importantly, healthy and very effective.

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We have the perfect diet to lose weight, between 5 and 10 kilos, without wasting your time in the kitchen, with easy, quick and light meals. And it is neither boring, nor repetitive, nor will it make you starve. In the gallery we tell you what foods to use and in the text, how to organize your light and healthy menus with a downloadable pdf and jpg. Easier, impossible! You have the diet to lose weight by cooking very little at the end of the article.

easy diet without cooking vegetables microwave broccoli

Vegetables and vegetables ready for everything

An easy way to lose weight is to follow the Harvard plate method, which makes half the plate you eat for main meals a vegetable. Healthy processed foods help you eat it daily. In the supermarket you find more and more vegetables ready to cook in the microwave in just a few minutes, even portion-size potatoes. You can also find spirally cut vegetables in case you want to use them as spaghetti, even chopped carrots so you don’t even have to split them when accompanying the hummus with them.


easy diet without cooking bagged lettuce

Lettuce always ready

Opening a bag of lettuce or sprouts to make the salad means that we can eat it frequently without wasting time cleaning it, spinning it so that no water remains, chopping it up and carefully packing the leftover so that it does not spoil in the fridge. It is true that it is a bit more expensive but … it makes up for it the time you save and the time you are not lazy to eat salad regularly. And it is much more varied, because in the supermarket there are a thousand combinations of sprouts and lettuce or endives. 


easy diet without cooking frozen

Frozen, healthy and fast

To make boiled, microwaved or steamed vegetables you don’t even need to thaw them. It is super healthy, you have it very close at hand and you do not have to limit yourself only to vegetables, you also have fish, squid or prawns already ready to cook (although in these cases it is advisable to defrost it in the fridge from one day to the next, although you can always pull the microwave defrost function).



Uncooked rice, couscous and quinoa


Precooked scoops of brown rice, couscous, or quinoa save you a ton of time in the kitchen. You put them in the microwave and voila. But remember, it is a very large portion for a diet, because cereals are eaten as a garnish portion. Save half for another meal (or share it with whoever is aiming to lose weight with you). 

Very healthy preserves

Canned vegetables solve a first for you quickly. From asparagus to artichoke hearts, to roasted peppers, etc. But it is not only these that you can use, there are also others, such as ratatouille, which if it is really artisan and made with little oil, has a place in a diet, for example.


u want, but already made, so you always have them available. And d

o not limit yourself to chickpeas and lentils, there are many more, suc




h as broad beans, peas, black beans … In variety is the taste.


Cans: open and plate

A can of natural tuna, some sardines, mackerel, squid, anchovies, salmon …

if they are of quality and you drain them well if preserved in olive oil, they

have a perfect place in your diet. And you can not only use them in salads,












Meat and fish ready to cook










Whether you buy them at the fishmonger, the grocery store or the frozen food section, now you find the fish and meat ready to be grilled or









steamed. Thick, thin fillets, cut into slices, quarters, eighths, dice, etc … Whatever idea occurs to you, you have them ready so you don’t waste time.









Simple and multi-option cooking

If you are going to put the oven, make the first and second in it or even cook for more than a day. For example, make a fish on a bed of tomato and onion on one plate and on the other a round of turkey with carrots and French onions. And now, to top it off, use the third silver from the oven to roast some apples without sugar, just with cinnamon. And in the case of having a steamer, use more than one level and do everything in it too. What makes you lazy to boil? Use a kettle that heats the water very little and takes the opportunity to boil at the bottom of the pot and steam other foods on











top. How much time are you going to win!












Quick and easy desserts

Nothing easier and faster than washing some grapes or berries or plu



ms and eating them. We can also eat fruit with skin, such as apples or








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