Diet pillsDiet pills

Diet pills

It is very common to supplement weight loss diets with diet pills, but are they really necessary? And more importantly, do they really work?

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  • 1 diet pills
    • 1.1 Utility and functionality
    • 1.2 So are they good for anything?
    • 1.3 Consequences of consuming them
    • 1.4 Conclusion

Diet pills

Different diet pills

Surely you have ever collided with them, not necessarily because you have consumed them, but surely you know what I am talking about. Who else who less, has found gigantic posters of slim and beautiful women in pharmacies, with the aforementioned product in hand, or has seen celebrities on TV saying how useful they are and how well they work, or perhaps they have heard it on the radio. It is that without going any further, even making the purchase you may have come across them.

There are many types of diet pills , I am going to focus on those “fat burners”.

Utility and functionality

By explaining how they work, you will understand many of the tips that accompany these pills:

  • Take them before meals.
  • Accompany them with plenty of water.
  • They can give diarrhea.
  • They must be accompanied by a healthy diet and an active life.

The active principle of these pills is quite simple, since what they contain are nothing more than patented fibers with various names, but fiber in short. And if you remember what I explained to you in the entry of foods rich in fiber,  you will know that among the benefits of fiber are:

  1. It is satiating so it helps to control anxiety → Reason why the pills “help weight loss”.
  2. Reduces intestinal transit time → helps fight constipation → Reason why pills can cause diarrhea.
  3. It reduces the absorption of fat, by retaining it with it and eliminating it with the feces → Reason why the pills “help weight loss”.

Taking them before meals and with plenty of water is nothing more than so that that fiber swells in our intestines, that fecal bolus is formed and causes us greater satiety before eating, thus avoiding eating more or with anxiety. However, if that makes us eat less it can make us hungry before the snack, which leads us to peck and surely something insane.

Finally, the claim that all of them include in their boxes and wrappers of “must be accompanied by a healthy diet and the practice of daily physical activity” is how little to reflect … “If I lead a healthy diet and an active life, how can I know if my Loss is due to my effort or because of the pills themselves? ”. That is the whole crux of the matter.Diet pills – Youtube | Eating with Maria

So are they good for anything?

You see, I’m going to be honest with you. They do serve a purpose. From my point of view, the only thing they are used for is to help follow the dietary treatment, let me explain. For many, taking these pills serves as motivation because they are spending money. The fact of spending money on them makes the diet plan and physical activity practice more serious, but not because the pills work but because the person follows more rigorously and takes their change of habits more seriously.

Another issue to consider here is the  placebo effect . The effectiveness of products, supplements and supplements is 30% of the placebo effect. Simply believing it will work makes it work. So it is something that we must keep in mind for all those who say “it worked for me”.

Consequences of consuming them

Of course it has contraindications or at least factors against it:

  • It is a high and unnecessary expense (the average price of these products is € 25). You can invest that money in a dietitian-nutritionist to help you make the change and guide you on the path to losing weight.
  • It gives the wrong message: many people take this because they think they “make up” for their poor diet. It doesn’t happen if I eat 4 sedans or have a 4 cheese pizza for dinner because I drink  chitosan  (another traps fat). So the message is “eat poorly and take the pill” rather than “eat well and save that pill.”
  • As side effects there is (mainly) diarrhea. The abrupt change in fiber intake is what you have. In the same way as with the pills, it may have happened to you with the change of habits. If you have gone from eating few fruits, vegetables, vegetables, legumes and whole grains to eating them in abundance, it may be that you have suffered flatulence and diarrhea.


If you want to lose weight, invest in the consultation of a nutritionist dietitian , not in “diet pills”. Learn to eat and change your habits, base your diet on foods rich in fiber: fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and whole grains and avoid dietary supplements of this type. There is nothing like a good diet and a change of habits, that sure works, it does not fail, it has no consequences, and it helps you in all your health problems.

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