Consultorio 2 Ragusa, pregnancy and music: music therapy course

Consultorio 2 Ragusa, pregnancy and music: music therapy course

Rausa – The Consultorio 2 in Ragusa kicks off the first birth accompaniment course with music therapy: pregnancy and music. This is a free course that will accompany mother and baby throughout the pregnancy. Studies confirm that from the 14th week the fetus can hear music, creating a privileged communication channel between the mother and the baby. The vehicle of an emotional relationship between mother and child capable of stimulating the structural and functional development of the fetal nervous system. And, listening to the same song several times increases a sense of security in him! Dr. Nuccia Pace, head of Consultorio 2, stresses that future mothers often ask her – What does the unborn child feel in the uterus – the gynecologist replies that “the little one in her muffled environment,

So he begins to hear the voices of mum and dad and soon learns to recognize them. ” The music varies according to the pregnancy path: From the 1st to the 3rd month: in the very first phase of development, baroque music is recommended, whose rhythm recalls the heartbeat of the baby. Among the composers of reference Vivaldi who with the joy and vivacity of his “The Four Seasons” transmits joy to the mother and the unborn child. From 4th to 6th month: in this period sweeter and more relaxing melodies are recommended such as Brahms’ Lullaby or Chopin’s music. From the 7th to the 9th month: in this phase the ideal is to alternate relaxing moments with more lively moments. Bach with his Brandenburg Concerts is very suitable. Brochures are attached.

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