Osteopathy: an ally, too, of female pleasure

Osteopathy: an ally, too, of female pleasure

We interviewed two Lombard osteopaths historically involved with the Italian Athletics Federation, founders of the Advanced Osteopathy Institute in Milan to discover the lesser known areas of application of this discipline.


Doctor Marco Chiantello and  Doctor Emanuele Botti are founders of Advanced Osteopathy Clinic and Advanced Osteopathy Institute in Milan.

The first collaborated with the Italian Athletics Federation and teaches post-graduate courses at national level.

Dr. Botti has worked alongside the Italian National Athletics Team for a long time and is an adjunct professor at the University of Milan Bicocca in the Master in Osteopathic Sciences and Osteopathy in the pediatric field.

Both, as well as in their Institute, hold courses at schools recognized by the ROI , the Register of Osteopaths of Italy.

What, in short, is osteopathy? 

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine recognized by the World Health Organization in 2007 based on the principle of self-healing of the patient, with evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies through manual techniques .

It adopts a holistic view and is based on the principle of unity of the body according to the assumption that the functioning of each part of the organism affects the entire structure.

It acts on the musculoskeletal system which can be associated with organ alterations and vice versa. Osteopathy is distinguished from other methods by the objective it sets itself: to increase the state of health, whatever the condition of the person who addresses it.

What do your Institutes do? 

Our structure is multipurpose. One section , Advanced Osteopathy Institute, provides advanced training courses for osteopaths and osteopathy students, promotes and supports research and scientific work and is also a publishing house.

Advanced Osteopathy Clinic, on the other hand, is the section dedicated to treatments, carried out by adequately trained professionals, which are provided in our headquarters in Milan and in the two associated offices, in Crema and Somma Lombardo. 

Who is osteopathy for?

In fact, it is aimed at everyone without distinction, it can tackle any type of problem and solve many of them.

For example, in very frequent cases of neck pain extending to the arm (cervicobrachialgia), resolution may be complete with some treatment; for an elderly person , on the other hand, with many coexisting problems, pharmacological therapies in progress and widespread pain, the treatment supports medical therapies with the result of a greater perception of well-being and a better quality of life.

The pathologies we face in our centers are the most diverse:from problems to the musculoskeletal system, to the gastrointestinal system, from neurological to neuropsychiatric, and then orthodontic, stomatognathic, gynecological and obstetric problems.

Osteopathy can also be applied to the sphere of female sexual pleasure

Treatments aimed at the sphere of female sexual pleasure and the limits to its achievement are perhaps a lesser known area in which osteopathy intervenes.

In this case the result is the result of a physiological balance that is not always easy to obtain.  

We deal in particular with the mobility of the pelvic floor , a complex muscle-tendon and connective structure that lines the inside of the walls of the small pelvis , supports the organs and is also responsible for sexual function.

Its muscle tone and exercise are therefore of fundamental importance to improve the quality of sexual and orgasmic sensation.

A toned musculature allows you to become aware of the stillness and dynamism of this part of the body and therefore to change your perception of sexual pleasure. 

The osteopath can rebalance the tensions in the pelvic floor and make it possible to become more aware of the contractile possibilities of this part of the body.

Female pleasure is no longer a taboo and osteopathy can be a solution to make sexual activity better.

Osteopathy, a synergistic contribution

At the moment, providing osteopathy sessions is equivalent to increasing the state of health but we hope that in the future, following the increasing interest from the institutions, it can also be a health intervention.

Osteopathy is parallel to any type of other medical discipline that uses a manual approach, such as physiotherapy .

The latter , which aims to rehabilitate a function that is lost or severely compromised by a pathology or trauma and uses various approaches that go from exercises to bed mobilization with various methods, finds an important ally in osteopathy ., since having a patient whose state of health has been enhanced to the maximum possible level is of great support in the continuation of the rehabilitation plan. 

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