Coach interviews: Carim

Coach interviews: Carim

At the FAST center in Costa Rica in the mornings you can enjoy a great coach who, in addition to worrying about all the details, will schedule ten workouts for you. Do not trust their appearance, that although it seems calm, it will make you sweat the fat drop.

Fast Fitness trainer interview

How did you get to FAST?

I came to FAST through acquaintances, who are Fernando and Marta, the franchisees of this center. They offered me the job. I learned about electrostimulation and saw that it could fit my profile.

What surprised you the most when you started the exhaustive FAST training?

I was especially surprised when I received the sessions. He had never tried the method before and ends up quite exhausted and with a feeling of hard work.

What has been your academic and professional career in the world of sport?

I am a Sports Science Graduate at the University of Castilla La Mancha. I also did the TAFAD in Toledo. As a personal trainer I have been in one of the largest gym chains. I have also been working as a room monitor for three years in a city hall. Currently I also lead outdoor training groups.

What defines you as a coach?

Professionalism and empathy with the client.

What is EMS for you?

It is one more training method with which we can help achieve various objectives. The question is how we use it.

What are the FAST programs that you like the most?

The one I like the most is Performance, because it is the program where I can put the most intensity on the client.

What can you supplement FAST with other exercises?

It can assume everything, if you do not complement it it is much more difficult to reach the goal. The ideal is to get the client to acquire healthy habits and end up practicing physical exercise more frequently.

Tell us about a great achievement you have achieved with a client.

For example, a boy named Pablo has managed to lose 20 kg. He is super hooked on physical activity, doing sports practically every day. This is my greatest achievement in FAST

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