Autumn / Winter 2021-2022 trends: women’s favorites +50

Autumn / Winter 2021-2022 trends: women’s favorites +50

Carmen Gimeno reveals her shopping list to adapt next season’s trends to the style that women over 50 years of age like the most.

 Carmen Gimeno

Bachelor of Fine Arts and fashion expert.

The die is cast. The trends for the Autumn / Winter 2021-2022 season are already more than clear (if you need a refresher , here is a compilation of the most outstanding ones ). But we wanted to know which of all of them are the ones that women over 50 are going to wear. At that age you already have more than clear what favors you and what does not, what goes with your style and what is better to leave for others. That is why we have asked Carmen Gimeno, one of the influencers with the most Instagram likes and she has already revealed to us what clothes she has bought that fit some of them.

Their choices include a padded vest, a lilac bomber, a suit with a check print, a dress with logos, a yellow sweater with diamonds (combining two of the key trends of the season) and garments in fabrics such as leather and knit. She already has them in her closet. Which ones are you going to keep?

The 5 colors that will be fashionable in Autumn / Winter 2021-2022

The suit jackets are one of the keys for the Autumn / Winter 2021-2022 season most conducive to all women, no matter their size and age. A well-cut suit always helps define the silhouette by marking shoulders and waist.

If there is one color that will triumph this season, it is lilac. We can wear it in all kinds of garments, skirts, sweaters, dresses … but if we want to go one step further, we can do like Carmen Gimeno and get a bomber jacket as cool as this one, with a printed flower and satin finish.

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