Tamara Falcó unleashes madness by combining jewel flat dancers from Zara with jeans


Tamara Falcó unleashes madness by combining jewel flat dancers from Zara with jeans

The Marchioness of Griñón has bought the jewel-style mule shoes that Zara has taken this season by storm and that are as elegant (or more) than a pair of heels.

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Tamara Falcó has unleashed the madness as long ago after showing her new Zara undercut dancers with jewel detail on Instagram . “Better working days with beautiful shoes”, has written the Marchioness of Griñón next to the image of her new shoes that are a real marvel.

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It is a pair of ballet flats with a pointed tip and available in various colors that Tamara Falcó has bought in green, which is the top trend . It is not the first time that we talk about what a pair of green shoes wear and what they wear this season , but the new flat shoes of the socialite go much further and they are as elegant (or more) than some of heel.

These elegant jewel ballerinas combine as well with dresses as with more casual looks, as in the case of Tamara Falcó, who has worn them with wide jeans, marking a look of ten contrasts. Tamara is the queen of the ‘classic chic’ looks and with this latest acquisition she has finished crowning herself. And, incidentally, it has created a serious need for us to get shoes like YA’s.

Zara jewel shoes

Thes are Tamara Falcó’s mule style shoes. They are available in various colors and are a real gem to make everyday looks unique but also to seal the perfect guest look . The good news? They are still available in almost all sizes.


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