Why are transparent teeth straightening trays the ideal solution?

Why are transparent teeth straightening trays the ideal solution?

Why transparent aligners to straighten teeth?

To be able to return to being happy to smile, the transparent aligners to straighten the teeth are the best solution that currently exists.

In fact, thanks to the invisalign technique of Dr. Mattia Ventriglia , it will be possible to have the pleasure of smiling again.

This technique, being invisible, has revolutionized the traditional system used to straighten teeth and Vailo , the blog that helps you improve your physical and mental well -being , could not ignore this topic.

Dental aesthetics have assumed, especially in recent years, a vital importance to say the least.

Therefore, having perfect white teeth is a canon that must be respected.

However, it is important to remember that perfect alignment of our teeth is not just about our smile.

In fact, it is precisely by virtue of a mouth that has good aligned teeth, for example, it will be possible to chew better and allow our body to have optimal digestion. In fact, I remind you that eating in a hurry is one of the most common mistakes we make, even when we want to lose weight.

How does the transparent mask work?

Traditional braces for straightening teeth have been useful but unpleasant items to wear for many years. In fact, those who had to wear them to align their teeth, more often than not, were embarrassed and annoyed.

Today, with technological advances also in the dental field, a new technique has been created. Not for nothing, modern dentists are used to using transparent aligners to straighten teeth. Starting this type of treatment has never been so easy, fast and painless, as well as having the guarantee of better aesthetics

Thanks to them, therefore, you can have an even more beautiful smile.

In essence, invisalign is an absolutely innovative orthodontic therapy, through which the dentist will be able to realign the teeth without any wires. In fact, various sequences of removable masks will be used, all made of transparent polymer, which have been made on the basis of the subject’s dental impression.

Consequently, every single mask will gradually intervene in order to bring the teeth back to their correct realignment.

The advantages of this choice?

Since invisalign uses three-dimensional computerized technology, this allows you to view the entire plan envisaged by the treatment in a progressive manner. The transparent masks to straighten the teeth, in fact, are generally replaced every two weeks, until the set goal is reached.

It is clear that this choice offers many advantages, among which, that they are transparent and, therefore, even when wearing them they will not be seen by anyone. In addition to this, they are removable, which allows you to drink and eat in freedom, but also to be able to perform adequate oral hygiene, which, on the other hand, turns out to be more difficult in the presence of fixed wires.

Another important aspect is that they are very comfortable. Without fixed attachments and threads, they also do not cause any irritation inside our mouth.

The treatment

To use clear aligners to straighten your teeth , you just need to make an appointment with a doctor’s office, so it’s really simple. In this regard, it is useful to remember that, although the type of treatment is intended to resolve dental misalignments of adult patients, it has recently also been possible to proceed with adolescent patients. During the treatment it is advisable not to smoke and eat chewing gum.

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