To lose weight, try eating this way

To lose weight, try eating this way

To lose weight, try eating this way

Being hungry is not a good feeling.

When you are hungry you usually tend to eat as quickly as possible with the hope of making the feeling of hunger disappear more quickly.

Unfortunately, this is totally wrong, since our brain takes about 20/30 minutes from the moment we start eating to realize that we are full.

Eat slowly

Eating slowly during a meal is really helpful. It is a strategy that allows the brain to catch up with the belly.

Eating slowly makes you lose weight

Eating slowly makes you lose weight and is good for you: you have to spend more time at the table (when possible) and try not to get swallowed up by the daily routine.

This is a beneficial strategy that will allow you to incentivize your weight loss efforts.

Spending little time at the table to eat leads people to devour food in a hurry, a dangerous and counterproductive action.

Eating too fast involves blocking the release of hormones that help make you feel full, and therefore at the same time involves the risk of overeating: in fact, we continue to eat and eat without realizing that we are already full.

Eating at a slower pace also leads to a reduction in appetite, which is especially important for those who want to fight excess fat.

If we get into the healthy habit of eating slowly during meals, we give the receptors in our brain enough time to process a satiety signal: this prevents us from consuming more calories than we really need.

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